As you find ways to improve your business, you more than likely have come across RevOps as an option. So, what is RevOps, and how is it related to sustainable revenue growth for a business? That’s what this article is all about.


What’s RevOps (to begin with)?

RevOps is the short form of the business term Revenue Operations. It refers to the strategic combination of marketing, sales, and customer success (service) departments to offer a better holistic view for the management while ensuring that departments can still access their daily processes. In simple terms, it’s the combination and alignment of sales, marketing, and success teams towards one goal, which is revenue growth.

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Doing RevOps well leads to sustainable growth in revenue while ensuring that the process is repeatable, reliable, and predictable. That’s why it’s always a good idea to team up with RevOps experts like RevPartners for this process for the best outcome.


How does RevOps work

There are three main processes the RevOps follows to achieve the end goal:


1. Collection

This is the most important step since it sets the foundation for a successful RevOps project. It involves the following tasks:

  • Tracking marketing activity fully in CRMs.
  • Keep track of all sales activity.
  • Tracking customer success activity in its entirety.
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2. Synthesization

Once you have your data, it’s now a question of what you will do with it. That’s where synthesization comes in. In this step, you will be trying to combine the data and make sense of it.

For a successful synthesization process, it’s recommended that you:

  • Leverage automation to combine the data.
  • Have unified data warehouses covering all customer databases.


3. Dissemination

This step is all about interpreting the data in relation to the overall health of your company. At this point, it should be possible and easier to identify any existing weak points and determine the best course of action in resolving such weaknesses.

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You will want to:

  • Visualize your data values
  • Identify and address revenue leakage
  • Create a report on the company’s health metrics.


Can you do RevOps on your own?

Considering the convenience and practicality that RevOps brings to your business, you will want to adopt it at some point. When you decide to, can you just do it on your own?

The quick answer is that it depends. It depends on the in-house team that you’re entrusting the process with. If your business is lucky enough to have a master of RevOps who is adept at handling models and GTM motions as well as a team of employees that is devoted to ensuring that RevOps works for you, then you can go ahead.

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However, it’s not common to have such a setup in businesses, mainly because it’s an expensive affair, especially considering that your team always has to be on standby all the time. You can choose to create an in-house team from scratch, but it’s less likely that you’ll love the results.

The better thing to do would be to hire experts who offer RevOps as a Service. These are professionals who wake up every day and go to the office just to handle RevOps projects, so they have what it takes to ensure that your project is successful.


On the whole,

RevOps is a great addition to any business that wants to organize its internal operations to ensure that they are all in line with the revenue goals. By employing an experienced team to undertake this process for your company, you enjoy the guarantee of premium results and measurable milestones.

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