The marketing strategies differ from company to company. The genre of the business decides the marketing policies. There are certain criteria while following the policies which include the market intelligence and marketing research.

A thorough research upon the basic necessity of the business can boost up your demand and supply graph. There are plenty of resources available in the market that help you decide and implement the various doctrines of marketing strategies.

The main aim towards the establishment of different marketing strategies is to evaluate the item in a way that can increase its value in the industry. The organization works on a particular genre to keep supporting humankind with its product or services.

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This must reach the correct audiences in order to get the best results from both the end. The identification of the opportunities needs through market research will draft the necessities and point out the flaws that need to be corrected.

After which, the market intelligence comes to the rescue and organizes the opportunity, and works on it. This blog will discuss the difference between market intelligence and market research.

What is market research and market intelligence? What is the difference between the two?

To understand the difference better, one needs to know the definition and meaning. Market research is defined by the process which is used by the companies or the marketing specialist to know more about the demand and supply of the new product or services.

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This includes that how the customers are accepting the products and collecting feedback for the same is very necessary. Genuine feedback about the product or services from the customers is the key to success. You must adhere to the developmental tips provided by the users.

On the other hand, market intelligence is the process that the companies use to determine the research sources and implement strategies to penetrate and segment the organization.

If a certain company wants to launch a new service or product in the market, they will first survey the target audiences and the response will be measured in order to estimate a graph of the sales.

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The market research of a certain product or service is determined by the factors such as if the product or service will be acceptable by the users and what is the rate of the competition.

Unless you are acknowledged with the competition of the market, you cannot comprehend the whole process. The entire process of market intelligence is self-explanatory. It deals with the process of implications of different policies so that the material obtained from the research is used in a way that benefits the company.

Marketing intelligence is an advanced form of research that helps to identify the various obstacles and measure the risk factors well in advance. The research of markets without market intelligence is not a complete process.

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Until you are able to make a solution for future difficulties, you will not be able to run the company smoothly.


The difference between market intelligence and market research is well distinguished by the definition. The research of a particular market decides the market intelligence and how to segment the organization and opportunity.

The analysis of different resources, be it the internal functioning, external help, or even the internet, the marketing specialists are finding some ways or the other to implement the business policies that will help in increasing sales.



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