After Sports Toto was first released in Korea, private Toto sites where you can place sports betting other than Batman Toto started appearing. We started as a customized private Toto site that accurately targeted the psychology of users who were dissatisfied with Batman Toto’s limited betting rules and strictness.

The attack on the private Toto site “먹튀검증” satisfied Toto users, and as rumors spread rapidly, the proportion of online private Toto users began to increase. However, the problem was that users could make money at any time on the illegally operated private Toto site.

So-called cheating here means that when a user who wins a bet requests a withdrawal, the operator does not handle it unethically. So-called ‘eating sites’ are popping up all over the place.

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The reasons why private Toto sites eat out are as follows:

  • The fact that the operator always has the status and authority of ‘A’ because it is an illegal act that is against the law
  • Private Toto users also do not voluntarily report it because it is against the law.
  • It is a unique business structure that lacks systematic organization, system management, technology, security, know-how, and funds.
  • In addition, there are various causes such as internal problems and natural disasters.
  • In order to prevent flooding of these mukbang Toto sites and to prevent damage to Toto users who enjoy sports betting, we opened the first-generation mukbang verification muktupolis.
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Since then, eat-and-run verification companies, such as eat-and-run verification companies, began to appear, and as Toto site verification and information sharing on eat-and-run sites became active,

Little by little, we were able to defend ourselves against the actions of helpless scam sites.

However, for a while, Toto users fell into confusion as a mukbang verification company that was created for a different purpose than the essence of mukbang verification appeared.

This is because most of the private Toto sites have been updated with content that is not based on facts, opened for the purpose of attracting visitors and ad revenue through keyword searches.

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It is clear that most Toto sites are unverified advertisements and are not responsible for any fraud, whether or not the user is safe.

In the end, as the essence of the eat-and-run verification became blurred, most of the eat-and-run verification companies began to lose the trust of Toto users.

Only the first-generation eat-and-run verification company is gaining a lot of trust by sticking to the existing operation method except for a few places except for eating-and-breaking verification.

Early scam sites induced members by sending simple text messages or writing text messages such as free points/free cash/regular money/subscription payment when signing up for membership.

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Domestic telecommunication companies and various portal sites have also begun to respond to the fierce competition between Toto sites and the exponentially increasing recruitment of members.

Recruitment of members became increasingly difficult due to regulations and competition, but the promotional methods of scam sites did not stop there.

Rather, as more sophisticated and powerful PR media were created by finding new attempts and various methods, scam sites became more popular.


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