EuroJackpot and EuroMillions are trans international lotteries. Each is loved and extremely popular in Europe. We are going to explain the similarities and differences between these global favorites. We hope to assist you in deciding which lottery is best for you.

Playing the games.

Online casinos are popular. You can select your numbers, fund bets, and check EuroJackpot results live here. Selecting the numbers for each lottery is the same. Choose five numbers from 1-50 and two bonus numbers from 1-12.

A bit of history.

EuroMillions came on the scene first in 2005 with nine participating countries and many international players. They lay claim to about 200 million customers.

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Eight years after EuroMillions came along, they met their competition. EuroJackpot opened in 2012. EuroJackpot is also a trans international lottery with online options. They have already got 17 participating countries and 270 million customers. The game is played just as EuroMillions is played. Both games are bi-weekly draws.

The difference is in the prizes.

There is no bad thing on either side. EuroMillions has 13 tiers. The sites will randomly load it up a few times yearly with an extra 100 million or more. It is not something you can count on daily, but It is a fun extra, and people love it.

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EuroJackpot’s prize starts at €17 million, and with good roll-overs, it can move to the €120 million max in no time at all, and it has. EuroMillions has bigger prizes with a cap of €250, but EuroJackpot has a little better odds of winning. So, if you win, there is less chance that you will have to share your Jackpot. Click the link at the beginning of this article for the odds and tier prizes.


Description: Woman wearing an apron with a bucket and cloth.



The Voice Of Experience

Christina M.

Christina M. had just finished up her late shift as a cleaner. She was drained and ready for a rest. As she made her way to her car, she remembered the app she had registered for just two weeks ago. She had downloaded the app to her phone to play the lottery at Lottoland. Now she was ready to play.

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Christina was we and wanted a bit of help selecting her numbers, so she gave her mum a call. Her mum thought about it for a moment, called her back, and gave her seven numbers: 14, 19, 21, 30, 32, 4, and 7. These were the exact numbers Christina played.


When the pull was made, Christina and her mum could not believe their ears. They each had written down the numbers and checked them over and over, frontwards and backward. They slowly realized Christina may have been a cleaner yesterday, but today she had 90 million euros! The first five numbers hit, and 4 & 7 were the Euro digits.

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In two days, Christina got the call she had been waiting on. The contest had been verified, and it was confirmed that she was the only winner. She was not going to have to share the money with anyone else.


It was a special day for Christina, and it was a special day for the world because this transaction set a new world record! When Lottoland paid Christina, they added them to the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s biggest online gambling payout. Published information of this caliber would do a lot to help people who were afraid to believe in legitimate online casinos. Christina proved there are real businesses in this modern world that you can trust.

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The Future

Christina M. has not made any big announcements about what she will do with her future. She is a young, responsible woman with plenty of time to decide. She has left her job cleaning and said she was going to help her mother comfortably undertake a retirement life. Maybe she will spend more time playing with her gambling app. Whatever she plans to do, we wish her well.


While Christie’s win went down in history, she was not the first person to play an online lottery while working a manual labor job, only to become a multimillionaire. It is safe to say she will not be the last. She is but one of the industry’s lucky winners.

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You can see each lottery has its good points. If you want the maximum win, EuroMillions is your lottery. But, if you wish for better odds of winning your jackpot, play EuroJackpot. Each lottery is available online, so it is easy to try them both. No one can promise you a jackpot if you play the lottery. But, you can be sure you won’t win if you don’t play. Today could be your lucky day.



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