One of the most coveted courses in India is honors specialization in English. This undergraduate 3-year course helps them understand the in-depth concepts of English literature, the history of the language, literary theories, trends, and activities. While many students prefer to go for higher education in the same domain after completing their undergraduate, some opt for government jobs or school jobs. But for some, some confusion about what to do next? If you are among those who are unaware of what to study next after completing your B.A. in English, this article is for you.

Here in this article, we will talk about some of the commonly chosen study options that candidates go for once they cross their college boundaries. With many career options flooding the market today, it’s essential to choose one relevant to your interest and passion.

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What to Study After B.A. English? 

The below list is created after detailed observation and examples of candidates selecting these career options after finishing their graduate course in English. Let’s see which paths made it to the list.

M.A English: One of the most chosen study options among candidates after concluding their college with English is a Master of English Literature. Through this course you develop a more detailed understanding of the subject, refining your knowledge of the concerned subject. If you’re someone willing to invest more into academics or go for NET, pursuing your Masters in English is the best choice.

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M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication: An English graduate studying Mass Communication is a terrific combination. The demand for media candidates across different news portals, print magazines, or news channels is whopping and if you come from an English honors background, it’s a cherry on the cake. Many students opt for this program after finishing their undergrad in English. If you love to communicate or have a deep interest in media, feel free to take up this path! Besides regular training, many platforms and sites offer distance Journalism programs too. If you are wondering which one is the best platform for selling online courses, do your research to find the top picks!

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LLB: Another tempting career option for English honors graduates is pursuing a law degree. If you are someone who is a great analytical thinker and loves to communicate and turn the table upside down during an argument, this career path would be the perfect fit for you! Many students enroll for 3 years law programs after completing their studies in English. This will turn out to be a lucrative career option with ample opportunities unfolded right at your front if utilized well.

MBA: Another chosen path by many English honors students is Master in Business Administration. You can select any specialization between HR, Finance, Marketing, or Operations as per your interest. The scope in this field is never-ending and once you get a grasp of it, it works wonders for enthusiastic aspirants like you! Many famous institutions are offering this program with brilliant placement opportunities. Even, many sites and colleges provide standard distance MBA programs. Best platform to sell courses online is many in this digital set you can sign up to have your degree online at a flexible pace.

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B.Ed: One of the noblest professions is teaching. If you are someone who loves to interact with students and teach them complex concepts comprehensively, then you must go for B.Ed. After course completion, you can join a school at a junior level and eventually make it a brighter experience.

Different career paths you can go for include a creative writer, a steller copywriter, a teacher, a social media manager or marketer, a corporate lawyer, and so on! All you need is to upskill yourself with constant learning to cope in this competitive world.

Wrapping Up

These are the top study options that you can go for after touring one with your undergraduate program in English. With a bunch of opportunities sailing in this competitive market, you need to be very confident and cautious with every move you make! So, did you find the option of your choice in this list above?

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