In the world of mathematics and geometry scalene triangle is the triangle that will be having all three sides of different lengths and it will also mean that sides of the scalene triangle will be unequal and all three angles will also be of different measurements. This is considered to be one of the very basic types of triangles which will be categorised based on sides. People need to be clear about the basic concept of a triangle in the world of mathematics and this is a two-dimensional plane and closed figure with three sides and three angles and it can also be termed as a three-sided polygon. It will be having three corners and three edges.

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The scalene triangle is the triangle in which all three sides will be of different lengths and three angles are of different measurement however the sum of interior angles will always be equal to 180°. Everything will be perfectly satisfying the angle sum property condition of the triangle in the whole process without any kind of issue. The classification of the triangle is a very comprehensive concept and some of those have been perfectly explained as follows:


Depending upon the interior angles of the triangle it can be categorised into an acute angle, right angle and obtuse angle

Depending on the sides of the triangle it can be perfectly classified into an equilateral triangle, scalene triangle and the isosceles triangle.

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Being clear about all these kinds of classifications in mathematics is very much important for the kids so that they never get confused at the time of solving the questions and can enjoy a good command over the entire thing which will ultimately provide them with good marks in mathematics. Some of the basic properties of the scalene triangle have been explained as follows:


  • It will never have any kind of equal sides
  • It will never have any kind of equal angles
  • There will be no line of symmetry
  • There will be no point of symmetry in this triangle
  • The angles inside this particular triangle can be right, obtuse or acute
  • If all the angles of this particular triangle will be less than 80° or in short they will be acute then the centre of the circumscribing circle will lie inside the triangle
  • In the scalene obtuse triangle, the circumcentre will always lie outside the triangle
  • The scalene triangle can be obtuse-angled, acute-angled or right-angled.
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The formulas associated with this particular triangle have been explained as follows:


Area of the scalene triangle can be perfectly found with the help of normal formula which will be 1/2 into base into a height or people can go with the option of application of the heron’s formula in this particular area which has been explained as:


 S into S – A into S – B into S – C under the root square units


For this particular formula to be applied people need to calculate the semi perimeter of the triangle which can be perfectly found with the utilisation of parameter/2. It is also very much important for the people to be clear about the formula for perimeter which will be the sum of all the sides and for this purpose people need to be clear about the measurement of every side in this particular area.

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Apart from all the above-mentioned things people need to be clear about the basic differences between the scalene triangle, Isosceles triangle and the equilateral triangle so that they can have a good command over the entire thing and there is no confusion element in the whole process. Hence, people can depend upon platforms like Cuemath to have a good hold over the entire concept of acute triangle, square and triangle and several other kinds of related things simultaneously which will allow them to score well in exams.


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