The wedding location is not just a place, instead, it is the place that you will remember forever. It will be associated with your wedding memories and the celebrations that you had. But that’s not all that matters, right after all we have to think about the costs too. But don’t worry because you can still have the best celebration at the most wonderful place without having to pay a huge amount.

By opting for an affordable venue you can spend more on decorations and make your special day look even more magical. Here are some wedding location inspirations that you can go through!

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A National Park

Have you considered having your special day at a park or a beautiful green garden? Every country has a national park that is famous for its location and ambience. But more importantly, this would be a great option because you would get to save up massively as national parks don’t charge a lot.

You’d also be surrounded by beautiful nature that’s bound to produce some great wedding photos filled with joy.

City Halls

Just because you book a city hall does not mean your wedding cannot be an intimate one. Most city halls are located in beautiful historic buildings that are well maintained and give a royal feel. You just need to pay a small fee but really it would be worth it.

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Send out those wedding invitations and watch the people join you for an intimate wedding at a city hall.

Beach House

What can be more dreamy than a wedding on a beach house surrounded by the sound of waves and soft sand underneath? Your guests would be running to save the date because no one would want to miss a wedding on a beach.

Backyard Wedding

Having a backyard wedding does not mean you get to save all your money, because the set-up, food and additional things do cost money. But this is a great way of having your wedding at a comfortable, familiar and memorable place that you can visit multiple times.

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This wedding is probably best for those who are avid readers and are obsessed with the smell of books. Libraries, in general, are a great place for peace and isn’t that a great place to start your married life too?

Every library exudes some sort of history and there is an elegance present which you cannot overlook. You can look for libraries that are available to be rented out and have a dreamy wedding there. A bonus would be if you hung multiple fairy lights across the place to really capture the unique feel of a library wedding.


There are many types of museums, these can be indoor or outdoor. But if you are looking for an outdoor museum, then a sculpture museum should be at the top of your list. Let your guests walk through and get some really nice pictures taken, while you too can celebrate at an extraordinary yet unique place.

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For couples that love art, admiring sculptures and celebrating a wedding while being surrounded by history is probably the best idea ever.


There are many ways you can amp up your wedding day but the location is an integral factor that you cannot overlook. For a magical and unforgettable night choose a place that screams uniqueness in a way no one has ever thought of before. Decorate up your selected place beautifully so that you and the guests are in awe throughout the night. Whether its a big wedding or an intimate one, choose a place that would bring you even more happiness and comfort.

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