Every person has separate choices and tastes. The Indian culture and traditions are way more vast than the country India itself. The women and men of this country have different dressing styles and authenticity.

The Banarasi saree are one such clothing attire worn by the women of this country, especially in their weddings. The sarees have a long and interesting history and background. Evolving from the age-old Banaras, the sarees own their royalty in the sense of designs and handicrafts.

The Banarasi sarees have been like a ritual in the Indian wedding. As the world knows it well, the Indian wedding is always preferred to be a big fat wedding with lots of relatives, friends, and guests.

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People have been investing in the Banarasi sarees and this is not new to the Indian citizen. some unknown facts, popularity and histories, and the different types of Banarasi sarees will be discussed. Let’s dig in!

Facts about the Banarasi Sarees

  • The original Banarasi sarees have patterns of leaves, floral patterns, and the perfect use of jail works.
  • The original and authentic Banarasi sarees have 5600 thread wires.
  • The minimum time to make a Banarasi saree takes almost 15 days and is not less than that.
  • The single Banarasi saree needs a hundred perforated cards to make a single unique design.

History of the Banarasi sarees

The History of these beautifully woven sarees stands as old as 1000 to 300 B.C. The Banarasi sarees are something that was invented by the Mughal empires.

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The accurate and intricate weaving of these sarees makes them more wonderful. The Banarasi sarees that we see today have a combination of two different traditions. The Mughal and the Indian tradition are mixed together to make the new designs of the banarasi sarees.

One of the unique features of the Banarasi sarees is, the sarees are specifically manufactured in the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The fine weaving of the sari of almost thousands of designs and ideas make it the perfect attire for festivals, weddings, occasions and functions. The single Banarasi saree is made by at least three weavers working together. It has the beauty to stand out as unique in hundreds of different sarees.

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Types of Banarasi sarees-

There are nine different types of Banarasi sarees that are available in the market. The unique patterns and works of this saree have made it a popular demandable saree across India and also over the whole world.

  1. Shatir Banarasi
  2. Kora or the organza Banarasi sarees
  3. Katan Banarasi
  4. Jangla Banarasi
  5. Tissue Banarasi
  6. Georgette Banarasi
  7. Tanchoi Banarasi
  8. Butidar Banarasi, and
  9. Cutwork Banarasi

The Banarasi sarees have their own decency and are different from other sarees. These sarees are also exported to different countries like China, Japan, the USA, UK, and Dubai.

Many fashion buffs are always making a way possible to explore the designs and collections of these sarees. One can see many fashion technology students roaming around the city of Varanasi in the search of more and more of these Banarasi sarees.

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The Banarasi sarees are a little less affordable, but the color, designs, hand-loomed Zari works, authenticity is the royal look you will achieve only if you wear a Banarasi saree.

The touch of the city of Banaras improvises the demand for these particular sarees. Although these sarees are of different types and combinations, one can surely point out the beauty of banarasi sarees from a distance.


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