In the past few years, IT companies have expanded quickly, especially in India, but only some companies can provide a long-term career to their employees. It is the only reason why people choose to work with reputable companies. When you are linked with a brand, you can be assured that you are on the correct path in your career and will also have job security to some extent. One of the most popular brands that people believe in is TCS. The primary reason here is that it helps them to advance in their career while striking a perfect work-life balance.

Tata consultancy services is an IT service company offering business solutions that have been helping different corporations throughout the world in their transformation efforts for more than five decades. The company is best in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and its main campus is Tamil Nadu. TCS is one of the biggest IT firms in the world, having a market value of around 169.2 billion dollars. TCS is part of the Tata group, one of India’s giant multinational corporations, employing 4,88,000 consultants in 46 countries.

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TCS is also known as one of the top employers per the top employer’s institute. It is one of the eight companies in the world to get this honour. If you are doing a Java course, you should consider your future career and join TCS in the first place as it has a great ambience conducive to company progress.

Interview process

Before you learn about TCS Interview Questionsyou should learn about the interview process. The interview process is divided into five rounds, including TCS NQT technical interview, managerial round, and HR round.

The top 5 TCS interview questions that you must know about

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What is SDLC?

The software development life cycle is all about the process of application development, from requirement analysis to the last stage of maintenance. The five development life cycle stages include requirement analysis, design testing, and deployment development and maintenance or support.

What is a style sheet?

A style sheet is a file that describes the layout of the HTML document or a given web page. The colour of text margins, for instance, spacing, font size, etc. Everything is covered under the style sheet. Cascading style sheets are one of the most common formats under CSS.

Primary Difference Between union data and struct types?

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The total memory space is allocated to the union in the union data type, which is the member with the largest size. Other members then share the space. The union is capable of storing only one value at a time. On the flip side, the strokes can contain various data types without compromising the memory space.


What does the size of the operator mean?

The size of the operator means the size of an operand. The operand is mostly a type of an expression or data type.

What is garbage collection in Java?

Java generally has an inbuilt garbage collection that the JVM operates. The garbage collector allocates some memory space if a new operator is used. Automatically, the garbage collector frees up more space if the object is unused and reuses it for other allocations.

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