Let’s say, you’re at a restaurant looking at the menu. What is it that tells you what you can order? The words written on the menu. What are they? A collection of letters arranged in a way that’s meaningful to you. Each arrangement of letters communicates a concept whose meaning is generally agreed upon. You use the same words to tell the waiter your order, he communicates it to the chef and eventually you get your order.


Programming languages work in a similar way. They are strings of commands with a standard vocabulary that tells your computer what function to execute. The more sophisticated the commands, the more sophisticated the outcome. Today there are high-level programming languages that can help software developers build really advanced apps, games, websites etc. And if you’re wondering about what programming language to learn, read on!

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The world of software development is as dynamic as it gets. You won’t want to waste your time acquiring skills that aren’t in demand anymore. Figuring out what programming language you want to learn really comes down to what you plan on doing with it. You want to build mobile apps and websites? Javascript is the go-to programming language for that. Is data science your thing? You can’t do without learning Python. However, programming languages are often used in combination with each other.


We’ve compiled a list of the top five most in-demand programming languages for you. They’re ranked based on variables like their popularity, the job market they take up etc.

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The web’s most popular programming language, Javascript is used along with HTML and CSS to build highly responsive applications and websites. It basically dictates the behavior of the dynamics of websites like GIFs, clickable call-to-actions etc. What makes it easier for beginners to learn are the abundant online resources and massive support community.






Python’s intuitive syntax makes it ideal for beginners. It’s used for back-end development and applications alike. Google, Youtube and several other popular platforms were built using Python and it’s also a favorite among employers. Python is indispensable for data scientists. For a newbie, there are plenty of resources to learn python online.

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To put simply, HTML describes webpages in plain text. It detects the overall appearance of a webpage and is only used for web development and maintenance. Where HTML organizes the webpage, CSS determines the size and position of page elements.





C++ is a low-level and general purpose programming language that can be used to make standalone computer programs. Even though it uses primitive data types (binary 0,1) it’s a powerful programming language that is used for varied purposes.  It’s mainly used in app and game development, Virtual Reality, robotics etc. So don’t hesitate and       learn online C++ programming to diversify your programming skills.

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Used for developing apps, enterprise software, games, C# (pronounced C sharp) is a high level programming language, that is while standardized, rarely used outside of Windows. It’s really easy for beginners to catch up on.


Now that you know where to start with programming languages, make use of the innumerable online resources to start your journey in computer programming and software development.


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