Launching a new frozen food product is an ambitious feat. In addition to creating a product that customers will love, you need to invest in marketing that will establish brand awareness and develop packaging that will catch their attention. Many new brands underestimate the importance of the last element, but indeed, frozen food packaging for small business is one of the most important factors in a new product’s success. When customers are shopping and looking for new products to try, the packaging that they see is the first impression they get of your product. You can ensure that it’s a good one by investing in impressive customized packaging.

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Creating a Unique Customer Experience

Packaging isn’t the only factor that influences a shopper’s decision to buy. In many cases, shoppers are looking for more than just a product — they’re looking for an experience. That’s why custom sachet packaging that features interactive elements can be an asset to your brand. By adding a QR code, you can transform standard packaging into an invitation for customers to embark on an experience. Use the QR to connect them with games and interactive activities, or share more information about your products, your company, and your values.

You can create a unique experience even without additional features, though. Your packaging is a tool in and of itself to share your brand’s principles and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. When you use a recyclable material such as post-consumer resin, you can be confident that you’re building a connection with customers. Consumers are invested in products that are eco-friendly, and when you demonstrate that your products are sustainable, customers will be incentivized to buy. More importantly, though, a unique packaging concept can boost brand awareness, making your product a memorable fixture on frozen food shelves.

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Building Brand and Image Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the greatest assets a company can have at its disposal. When customers walk past your product on the shelves, you want them to recognize your brand name and the imagery on the packaging, too. If your product doesn’t register and consumers don’t recognize your brand, they are far less likely to make the jump and purchase it. Although you likely understand the importance of brand awareness, you might not understand how to achieve it. The solution is simple — imagery. Indeed, brand recognition and image recognition are often one and the same.

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This is because people will always associate your product with the imagery that they see on your packaging. If your rollstock features bright images and playful graphics, then, customers are likely to associate that design with the product itself. This is great if you want to establish a connection between your product and bright imagery, but it’s particularly valuable because it creates a recognizable motif that customers will associate with your brand and your products. This will boost your recognizability on the shelves and help you increase sales, too. Discover packaging that can bring your brand to the next level.


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