Women, all across the globe are constantly striving to keep up with the newer trends in fashion and not lose their trendy touch. One way to help them with this is pop culture and related references. We see different characters in movies and TV shows getting inspired by their looks and fashion choices. The airport looks, celebrity engagement rings, signature bracelets, etc are what help us broaden our horizons and experiment. With one click of a button, we can gain access to the celeb jewellery styles at the fashion weeks and events. Moreover, with the number of Indian celebrities getting married, the accessibility to newer designs will be even better than before.

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Trending necklace designs based on pop culture – Why be limited to one country when you have the world at your disposal? There are so many designs that we are influenced by; one of the most recent ones being the pendant that Alexis Rose wears in the popular show Schitt’s Creek. Her large pendant of the letter ‘A’ has inspired many people worldwide to get such pendants of their own as they look chic and stylish. Another one would be the heart-shaped necklace that Pam wears in the Office. Many women are also inspired by Carrie Bradshaw or Rihanna when they get their necklaces made in styles that take inspiration from these iconic women.

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Pendant designs to choose from – If you are looking to get some beautiful jewellery for yourself that reflects your styles and tastes, this would be the right place to be. Here are some of the sought-after pendant designs that you can choose:

  • Alphabets – This style is becoming increasingly popular not only among women but also among young girls and teenagers who have access to Netflix. If you are one of them, here is a range of gold pendant alphabet designs that you can opt for. These pendants also make for good birthday presents. It gives a personalized touch to the gift and makes it more meaningful. Find a variety of designs and creative options to choose from. If you are buying this pendant for someone younger, colorful and vibrant options are also available. These alphabet pendants are made in enamel, gold, or diamond which speaks volumes about the authenticity and genuineness of the brand.
  • Hearts – What better gift that implies love for another person than a heart-shaped pendant? This jewellery accessory has been one of the trendsetters of every generation. It does not have to be given to a person in a romantic setting always – you can gift this pendant to your girl-gang, to yourself as a token of self-love, to your mother and sister, or anyone else you can think of. There are several designs and patterns available even in the heart-shaped pendants. You can find options in 22k gold or designs studded in diamonds.
  • Geometric – If you are looking for something casual but fashionable, check out these designs. They can be minimalistic if needed and can easily be worn by women of any age. Even on young girls, these designs give a girlish vibe. White and rose gold options are also available if you want to deviate from the normal style of pendants. Find circles, squares, checks, thin blocks, halo shapes, diamond-shaped, etc.
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The best part about buying pendants is the multi-faceted use of this category of jewellery. We would want the money that we put to be of good use. Pendants can be worn as stand-alone pieces with a simple necklace or they can be paired with a couple of other necklaces for a heavier look. Additionally, these can also be mixed and worn with different outfits – Indian or Western. This category is truly a great value for money.


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