Brisbane is one of the leading Asia-Pacific countries with the highest GDPs. The economy of Queensland’s capital city is fuelled by over 134,000 registered businesses, including multinational corporations and small and medium enterprises. Due to the tough business competition in the city, these organisations intensify their digital marketing strategies to be on top of the game. They often work with the best SEO companies Brisbane to help them rank higher in major search engines.

Meeting with a trusted SEO agency for the first time can be an exciting experience for business owners, especially those who have just launched their ventures. It is the best time to discuss your business goals and expectations about their services. If it will be your first time working with an SEO firm, here are some of the things that you must expect from your service provider.

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Provide Keyword Analysis

One of the most crucial parts of any SEO campaign is keyword research. The SEO company you plan to work with must know how to determine the best keywords for organic optimisation strategies.


There are several factors that SEO companies in Brisbane must always keep in mind when devising a plan to choose your keywords. First, they need to answer the following questions:

  • Who are your business’ target customers?
  • What are the target keywords of your competitors?
  • What keywords can provide the highest ROI?
  • What keywords can you use for targeting the existing pages of your website?
  • How many keywords do you need to use to increase your current profit?
  • What keywords can earn you a place in the answer box?
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The SEO firm must also ensure that they analyse the keywords used by your competitors before finalising your SEO campaign.

Provide Technical On-page Audit

All SEO companies perform technical SEO audits for their clients. But the best service provider will go the extra mile and review every component of the website since it may directly affect the business’ ROI.

Most of the time, the SEO audit is performed at the beginning of the campaign. However, regular follow-ups are recommended to check if the website continues to comply with the required search engine guidelines. They also need to evaluate if the site follows the updated UX techniques at least once every quarter.

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Audit Website Content

Conducting a content audit is crucial for every SEO campaign to help businesses align the content with the searchers’ intent. If the content posted online matches the exact intent of the target users. If the website’s content is in sync with the specific intent of the searcher, the search engines will prioritise it and give it a higher rank.

The SEO agency must offer a detailed content audit as soon as you hire them to handle your campaign. Then they need to do another audit once a year during your contract. It will examine all the content on the site to determine which of them works, which ones need updating, and which of them must be replaced. The SEO firm must also provide the results of their content audit so you can make the necessary adjustments.

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Working with an SEO company can help businesses in Brisbane achieve their digital marketing goals. Business owners only need to ensure that they will contact a reliable and trustworthy service provider to help them plan and implement the best SEO campaign for their website.


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