Insomnia is not uncommon for Australians. About 1 in 10 Australians experience at least mild insomnia at one point in their lives. Women and elderly people are the ones who commonly experience it. However, it has been found out that some Australian children and teens are also not getting enough sleep.

One factor in getting enough sleep is a pillow. Unfortunately, pillows can affect a person’s quality of sleep. Using the wrong one can not only cause sleep loss, but it can also cause physical aches such as back and neck pains.

Sleeping without a pillow

There is a misconception that sleeping without a pillow is better. However, a pillow is important because it keeps the head aligned with the neck and backbone. If your spine and neck are not in a neutral position, you may lose sleep because you may wake up during the night.

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To get enough sleep, you should keep your head in a neutral position. Your head should rest directly on your shoulders — not too forward, nor too far back.

Some people sleep on their stomachs and don’t need a pillow because it puts stress on their lower back. However, not all people sleep on their stomachs.

Tips for improving sleep

Choosing the right pillow can help you get the best sleep. It is advised that you get the right pillow depending on how you sleep.

Stomach sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, try using a very thin pillow. It will help remove the stress from your neck. Also, instead of sleeping on your back, try sleeping on your side, hugging a big body pillow to still have that feeling of pressure on your stomach.


Back sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, you can use a thinner pillow to prevent your head from being too far forward. You can also use a memory foam pillow that has a thinner middle and thicker bottom. It will cradle your neck and keep it aligned. Also, try sleeping with a pillow under your knees to ease the pressure from your lower back.

Side sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, you can choose a firm pillow to support your head. A pillow with extra depth will also bridge the distance between your ears and shoulders. It can also be good if you sleep with a pillow under your knees

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Tips to improve sleep

There are ways on how you can improve sleep. These are:

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time daily, including weekends.
  • Have a relaxing bedtime habit like taking a warm bath, drinking a glass of warm milk or reading a book.
  • Avoid taking naps during the day.
  • Get regular exercise daily.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is comfortable.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before bedtime.
  • Take time to wind down
  • Listen to calming music

Sleeping with the right pillow is important. It does not only give you uninterrupted sleep, but it can also prevent body pains. However, if you are having regular body pains, you should consult your doctor.

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There are many types of pillows that you can purchase. Some are cheaper, while others are more expensive. However, it would help if you do not choose based on price alone. Instead, choose the one depending on your sleeping position.

Author Bio:-Hannah Gilbert


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