When a brand is about to launch a brand-new product, the employees require more knowledge about the benefits and features better than the customers, and this is where the role of explainer video comes into the picture.


These videos are informative and have engaging content proving themselves to be a primary focal point in marketing. Marketing experts are enthusiastically sharing strategies, tips, and advice with readers who are strangers to them.


These entities are sharing their thoughts through an expert perspective. The masses understand the brand and its product easily. Internal communicators are also utilizing this exact strategy.


According to a research study performed by a well-known institution, 45% of the population has a trust issue with their leaders. Therefore, this dwindling trust is heavily impacting the total achievement of a brand.

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This is a big reason why having an internal communicator is becoming more and more crucial. The brand should always engage the employees. The brand should play the role of a motivator to them. Only then can they go ahead and repair the trust issues of the brand and their product.


To cure the internal problems, the brands are taking help off the animation to generate explainer videos. Animation adheres to memory way more.


Because they are very informative yet engaging, these explainer videos are also entertaining to watch. Because in product explanation sessions, a human being is explaining the product, which commonly gets pretty dull, bland, and dry.

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There are so many ways brands can utilize animation for internal communication purposes. The animation videos engage the company staff. They remember the benefits and features of the product explained in the animated video.


Internal Marketing:

If a brand is launching fresh products, the staff needs to have a good understanding of that item. This should be a brand’s priority.


But so many brands do not pay any attention to this crucial point. The majority of the time, the staff understands the product through the same commercial advertisements.


The customers also see this same advertisement. That consumer perspective is ok only after the brand has given an inside look.

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The animated explainer video is a powerful tool to communicate with the employees. This motivation will present the insider look. Internal communicators will uplift the trust and promote the brand value.


Tool vs Content:

Contemporary companies are slowly but surely understanding that happiness among the employees and staff is as important as attracting consumers. Employees are human beings at the end of the day. They always appreciate the brand leadership and culture way more than the salaries.


Internal communication is getting more prominent day after day, even though it has been around for ages. Over the last couple of years, the landscape has evolved completely. Internal communication is holding a lot of tools in its hand.

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Employees need to be equipped with all the essential information, and explainer videos to a wonderful task of helping employees have 360-degree information about each and everything. If the employees are well versed, they will be able to explain the customers better. Regardless of any company, animated explainer videos install the concepts and benefits of the product in the employee’s head.


The more they have a better knowledge about the product, the more efficiently they can present it to the customers.




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