Impulsivity can come in many forms. If you’ve ever bought something even though you didn’t want to spend the money, you’ve likely succumbed to an impulse before. If you’ve said something you knew you would regret, this is an impulse, too. Nobody is immune to impulsivity, but for some people, it can become crippling. Certain strategies to reduce impulsivity in adults can help by retraining your brain and developing coping mechanisms. Still, if you’re struggling to maintain control over your own decisions, it’s time to find another solution. Find out why this problem might be affecting you and what you can do about it.

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What Is Impulsive Behavior

Impulsive behavior is defined as an action that occurs without thinking — or in spite of thinking — that typically has damaging consequences. It’s closely tied to some other mental afflictions, including ADHD and anxiety. If you are struggling with overlapping conditions, the effects may be even worse. Unfortunately, many of the most commonly recommended treatment modalities entail pharmaceuticals that come with alarming side effects. Some of these medications can even be habit-forming. Where do you find non habit forming anxiety meds that can also help you handle impulsivity?

There are homeopathic treatments available that can curb impulsive behaviors while also tackling symptoms of anxiety. Natural medicine can do this by leveraging the power of protein within your brain. People who struggle with unwanted emotions and actions may be affected by dysregulation within a specific brain protein — S100B. When an antibody is introduced that targets this protein, its function can be repaired, thus alleviating symptoms of impulsivity and other concerns. In addition to being highly effective, this type of treatment is free from any synthetic chemicals, making it one of the safest options on the market.

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Signs and Causes of Impulsivity

If you suspect that you’re dealing with impulsivity, consider whether any of the following symptoms apply to you. The most common indicators include a feeling of restlessness, excessive behaviors such as binging, and habitually interrupting others. These symptoms can be signs that you need to address an impulsivity problem, but they can also be characteristic of ADHD. In either case, a natural supplement can offer relief. You should read ADHD medication reviews before choosing a product to ensure you find an option that’s safe. The right medicine can help you control symptoms and get your impulsive behaviors under control.

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The question still remains of what exactly causes impulsivity, though. The aforementioned brain protein has been proven to play a role. Other environmental factors such as trauma or substance abuse have also been identified as potential culprits. Most likely, though, it is caused by an inherited imbalance of chemicals and proteins such as S100B, dopamine, and serotonin within the brain. People whose parents struggled with impulsivity are likely to struggle, too, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions. You can develop coping mechanisms, identify your triggers, and take advantage of effective medicine to handle your impulses in a healthy way.


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