You want to ship interstate or you want to export abroad. The USPS Shipping Calculator is here to help you with the estimated cost. USPS, being an A1 federal agency, has formulated a simple way of knowing how much would you be spending from your pocket when it comes to this. This article will try to help you figure out how to do that and answer some very frequently asked questions. Read on to find more.

How To Use USPS Shipping Calculator - How To Use USPS Shipping CalculatorHow To Use USPS Shipping Calculator - How To Use USPS Shipping Calculator

So first, let us figure out how we will figure out our pocket pinch and then make an informed decision accordingly.

How To Use The USPS Calculator


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Navigate To The USPS Price Calculator Page

The USPS Postage Price Calculator Page will help you calculate the prices for both your domestic and international shipments as well.

In case your business mailings are presorted; you can also find your costs using the USPS Business Price Calculator

Enter The Details

The details that need to be entered by you are simple. You have to enter the zip code from where you want to ship and the zip code of the parcel’s destination. You also will need to enter a few additional details like the mailing date and the contents of the shipment

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Select Shipment Type

After entering the details, you will be presented with a few options. You have to figure out how you want the parcel delivered. USPS has a unique way of doing this. They will ask you either to select a flat rate. Or they will ask you to choose a shape option. That means you have to select a specific shape that fits your parcel best. It can either be a postcard, or a letter or even a flat envelope for that matter of fact.

In case you feel generous and choose the flat rate option. That means you will be shown a delivery date immediately after. Other than that, you will also be directly delivered retail and online postage prices.

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Let us say you do end up choosing the option where the package needs to look like those listed. You need to select an alternative that closest represents the package that you have. That is to say, choose a letter for a letter and so on. Then again, you will be asked to enter the weight of your package. You will be generated a price for retail or online postage. Get a hold of it and post!

Select Shipment Type - How To Use USPS Shipping CalculatorSelect Shipment Type - How To Use USPS Shipping Calculator

The USPS Shipping Estimate

You have received an estimate that has been generated. That is the amount of money you have to spend while shipping a product ideally. You also have the option of comparing it with the other prices or shipping. You have to select the option that displays all.

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Add Special Services

You have the liberty to make your package more secure. Add extra services like Certificate of mailing, Insurance, Registered Mail, and so on. These features add you to track the boxes to a greater extent and so on.

Final Steps

Now that you know the final shipping cost, it officially goes on time. Buy a postage stamp from retail. You can even buy it online, print and then use it. It is that simple.

Here is brought to you the answers to a few very frequently asked questions:

How Do You Calculate

As stated, it is straightforward. Just select a particular type, type in the dimensions that there are, and boom! Bob’s you, uncle! The calculator program is very efficient and is designed to bring you the best results in the shortest time possible.

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How Big A Box Can You Ship

The long and short of this is that you can ship up to 70 pounds in box sizes with 108 inches in total length and girth. That comes up to something like the length of the longest side multiplies by two plus the width of the box multiplied by two.

What Is The Per-pound Cost?

To give you a rough estimate, first, let us tell you this. The USPS shipping estimates are based on basically the distance traveled. That, of course, gets coupled with the weight. That means packages that weigh less than a pound, start at letting us say, $2.74 via the USPS First-Class Package Service.

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If your package weighs more than a pound, you will want to start with USPS Priority Mail, which starts at $7.02. You can, of course, ship up to 70 pounds.

With easy solutions, shipping with USPS becomes a little bit clearer. Hopefully, you won’t face further hiccups now that you have understood how the USPS Shipping Calculator works. That can be hoped and with an inherent trust. Happy Shipping!


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