AWS Cloud Practitioner certification would be geared towards all the individuals, it is considered to be earned commonly by those who would be working on the business end of IT, product owner, manager, and the like. They all invest lots of money, time, and resources into the cloud, so this certification would be proving that they would have understood its core services as well as their pricing models.

The Cloud Practitioner certification would be the only AWS certification that is required by business individuals who would be involved with the cloud but is the first certification out of many for those who would be developing the cloud. Let’s have a look at the preparation tips for the exam and AWS interview questions

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Preparation Tips for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

There would be a common saying in the military: In any given situation, you don’t rise to the occasion, you would be sinking to the level of your training. This logic could also be applied for earning AWS certifications.


No matter which AWS certification you would be striving for, it is strongly recommended for the candidates to read its corresponding whitepaper. It could include detailed information regarding the practices or technologies your exam covers. Many of the questions from the exam would be lifted directly from the whitepapers. Amazon would be recommending the would-be practitioner reading the three following documents:
• Amazon Web Services Overview
• AWS Best Practices: Architecting for the Cloud
• Working on AWS Pricing

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Getting an AWS Account

Many people could be recalled being told in school that there would be three types of learners: visual learners, auditory learners, and kinetic learners. Kinetic learners would be those who would be learning by doing. With regards to IT Certification, it would be the most practical of the three styles. While listening and reading would be great learning methods, nothing would be able to prepare you faster than doing it yourself.

Understanding the Pricing for Services

The AWS Console isn’t solely for beginning and ending services, it would be also the primary screen for reviewing billing as well as pricing details. Specifically, billing would be located in the Cost & Billing Management Dashboard. Because the Cloud Practitioner exam is going to focus on the numerous diverse pricing models of AWS, it is considered quite imperative that you would have a clear visualization of the actual screens they would be referring to in both the course as well as the white papers.

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Final Thoughts

Obtaining the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification would be not at all an easy feat, but nothing worth it ever is. Whether you’re a product owner requiring the general knowledge of the cloud, or a developer just starting your cloud journey, the tried as well as true steps outlined could make your journey to Cloud Practitioner certification smoother. Along with these tips, SPOTO AWS Exam Dumps would also be quite a useful resource to obtain the AWS CCP Certification. SPOTO AWS Exam Dumps to obtain success in your very first attempt.



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