Best Ways To keep Your Pets Safe

If you have pets, one of the things that you always fear would be when they will use your garden to climb up and escape. This is one of the major reasons why most homeowners are very hesitant when it comes to building a cat-friendly fence.

Multiple factors should be considered in order to come up with a fence that is not only attractive and pleasing to the eyes, but also functional. 

What One Can Do

One of the best ideas for how to keep cat away from climbing fence, would be the use of  mesh netting. This type of fence is ideal for keeping your cat away from poisonous plants and other dangerous elements that may be present in your garden or yard. Fences for cats are usually constructed using wood. You may choose to build a wooden fence for safety purposes or to add beauty to your garden. 

Mesh fences are quite common nowadays and can even be found at most hardware stores. The mesh type of fence is actually more preferable for garden enclosures than any other kind because it allows the circulation of air. This means that there is a reduced risk of mold growing in your garden area.

A mesh fence is made from mesh pieces which are attached to a frame. There is no need for gaps between the mesh pieces as the spaces are wider than the width of the mesh. Thus, it is possible to keep cats and children out of the garden even if there is open space. To make your fence completely cat-friendly, line the frame up with some wooden posts or rocks so that cats can’t climb over them.

To ensure that your kids enjoy their new fence, you may want to consider stringing them along the perimeter and maybe even plant a few trees in the distance. Make sure that the fence is securely fastened to the ground though. Remember that cats are clever enough to run away from a tight spot. If you want to keep them confined, it would be best to erect a taller fence. A 10-foot high fence is a good starting point when you are trying to keep the cat and children’s outdoor activities as safe as possible.

A lot of people actually have success by leaving the food and water outside the house when kids are present. This way, the cats will not get into the canteens and instead have something to snack on. It is important though that you keep the bowls filled to discourage feline guests. If you are working with younger children, it is recommended that you keep a few toys in the garden. These toys can be stuffed animals, rubber balls, or even tennis rackets. You must reward the children who successfully keep cats from reaching the food bowl.

Even if you have good cat-fighting skills, you can still help keep the cats away by surrounding the garden with a strong fence. Cats like tall trees and tall bushes, so a fence will provide them with a good place to hide. You can even add a cat-sized scratching post to the fence for cats that need a place to scratch. Keeping the cats out of your flower beds and up the walkway will also help keep your plants and flowers healthy.

PLACEHOLDER image2 - How to Keep Cat Away From Climbing FencePLACEHOLDER image2 - How to Keep Cat Away From Climbing Fence

What Else You Can Do

If you do not have time to build or buy a fence, then you can always keep cats away by setting up a motion detector light outside. There are many different kinds of motion detectors, so you will need to decide which one is best suited for your particular situation. 

If you live in a town where there is a lot of vandalism or theft, then you might want to invest in a motion detector that you can use in both dark and light environments. The same goes for your neighbor’s flowerbeds and bushes.


Keeping cats out of your yard or garden is one thing that can easily be done without calling animal control officers to roll in every night. Cats are really good climbers, so anything that makes them have to move a bit farther away from their favorite spots is probably an idea that should be explored.  

Your cats will enjoy the extra exercise, and it will help keep their energy up so they don’t look for their next fabulous spot to play. Remember, if you are having problems with your cats climbing fences, try some of these tips instead to keep your cat in its place! For More Details Visit –


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