Did you quit or get fired from your last job, only to regret leaving? Read our top seven rules to follow when trying to get your


When it’s not intentional, losing your job can be one of the most devastating moments in your life.

You could make a conscious decision to quit, but if it’s part of a bigger plan, you’d still have a measure of worry regarding the future.

It’s common to see people quit to pursue bigger opportunities, only to end up unemployed because things didn’t work out as expected. The best-laid plans can still fail, but you have to keep going.

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If, for whatever reason, you left your job or lost it and you want it back, don’t worry; there’s hope.

No doubt it’s going to be challenging, and you’ll need to work on many things to give yourself the best chance.

But it’s doable.

In this post, we’ve highlighted some rules to follow when you want to get your job back.


Before You Try to Get Your Job Back

Getting your old job back isn’t a mistake.

A 2015 study found that 76% of US human resource executives and hiring managers are open to hiring people who quit their job but bounced back.

They admit that hiring someone who has worked for the company before makes the transition easier. Ultimately, many people who turn back to an old workplace come back prepared to win.

Here are the rules to follow when getting your job back:

Identify The Reasons Behind Leaving Your Job

It’s essential to look into the circumstances surrounding your departure. When you’re aware of the reason behind leaving, you’ll have an easier time figuring out your next step.

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Did you lose your job, or did you quit?

If you quit, think about why you did it.

Has anything changed?

If the reason you left your job is still a significant factor, you may want to think twice about going back. If, perhaps, your boss fired you for something you can fix, take care of it before going back.

Suppose you left for another job opportunity that didn’t pan out. Identify what you were looking for and ask yourself if going back to your previous job helps the trajectory you’re on.

Work on The Issues You May Still Have

Whether you lost your job or left on your own, you probably haven’t gotten over the fact that things went down the way they did. You have to work on that burden of emotions before trying to get your job back.

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You don’t want to take it back with you.

If you made a mistake, you’d have to reconcile with the fact that it happened. It’s in the past. Your job now is to convince your former employer to see things from your perspective.

Here are tips to help you prepare for the meeting with your boss:

  • Resolve negative emotions associated with the incident.
  • Admit to the part you played.
  • Apologize to anyone you may have wronged in the process and show that you are a much better person now.
  • Prepare to explain why you want your job back and why they should rehire you.
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Reach Out to Your Former Employer

You still have to talk to your previous boss to get the ball rolling.

However, whatever you do, don’t ask for your job back over the phone or email. Such a conversation is better off done face to face to improve your chances.

What you want to do is get an appointment with your employer and make your case in person.

Ask for a Fresh Start

Your employer will want to hear what you have to say.

Be polite, avoid chitchat, and get right into the issue. This strategy shows you respect your time and theirs.

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Ask for your position back and in doing so, try to come across as better than they remember. Show that you have more ideas and that you took the time to improve yourself regardless of what happened.

Remember, when we say ask for your job, we don’t mean beg. It hardly ever works, and all it does is make you look desperate.

You’re worthy of the position you qualify for. So, hold your head up high when you ask.

Chances are, they’ll consider you for your previous position, or they’ll keep you in mind in case something comes up.

Come Up With a Fallback Plan

Since there’s no guarantee you’ll get the job back, have a backup plan in place. This strategy ensures you continue earning income whether you get your old job back or not.

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If the terms of your leaving the previous job weren’t pretty, going back might help resolve many things.

Who knows?

You may even get a glowing recommendation, and you know how precious that is. With a good reference, you can confidently find another great job out there.

Keep your options open so you can further develop your career.

Seek Out Similar Opportunities

It’s okay if you don’t get your previous job back. If that happens, move on and keep seeking similar opportunities.

Keep applying for other jobs.

Understandably, finding a good job is a long process. But it’s not impossible. All you need is the motivation to get out there and keep pushing.

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Keep Working on Yourself

Find new courses that can add value to your resume. If you’ve been struggling with marketing, there are great classes that you can take online to better yourself.

Read more about working on the areas that make you a bad employee. For example, if you have an issue working in a team, sign up for a team-building program to learn how to work in a group setting.

Working on your weaknesses makes it easier for your employer to consider you for new roles.

Once you build your resume for more skills, you’ll have an easier time finding better career opportunities.

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Final Thoughts

People leave their jobs every day.

Whatever the reason, if you want your job back, don’t be afraid to reach out to your old employer to ask for it.

Since you’re already familiar with the workings of your old workplace, you’re an asset, and there’s a good chance they’ll take you back.

Follow the steps above to better your chances.

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