At&t has a habit of locking iPhones for a while now. The aim is purely for marketing and to ensure that they retain you as their client. While this may be advantageous to them, it isn’t to you. Sometimes you want to make the switch to another network, but fail to do so because of the restriction. The good news is that you can unlock At&t iPhone quite easily.

There are certain things you can do to unlock At&t iPhone. Some of the methods to use take longer than others, while others are very quick. So, in case you’re wondering how to go about unlocking your phone, worry not, as we will show you the best ways. Here they are:


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Contact At&t

This is the first method people use when they have an At&t phone they want to unlock. However, you’ll need to go through their website to ensure that you’re eligible for the unlocking.

Once they ascertain that you’re eligible to unlock At&t iPhone, they will unlock your device. But again this might take some time, as they are actually slow in most cases. The only advantage with this method is that if you’re eligible for the unlocking, they will do so for you at no cost at all.

But what are the odds of not being eligible for unlocking? Your guess is as good as ours. It’s very unlikely that many will qualify for phone unlocking. Because, as we said earlier, they use this locking mechanism to woo their users to stay on their network.

What would then make you think that they would want to let you go that easy? In fact, 90% of devices don’t qualify for phone unlocking through the service provider. They have to seek alternatives that they’ll use instead.

Using a Third Party Website to Unlock At&t iPhone

Now here’s a really good way to unlock At&t iPhone. Unlike the previous method above, you don’t have to meet any set criteria to be eligible for phone unlocking. You only need to identify the right site and you’re good to go. In fact, it’s even faster to use than contacting At&t directly.

The truth is that your chances of getting your phone unlocked, even when you contact At&t are slim. They don’t want to lose you. And trust this – they’ll maintain you through all means.

And this is the reason why you should consider using a third-party website instead. There are lots of such sites around, and this can be a huge problem again. The fact that we have numerous phone-unlocking sites leaves a loophole for fraud and con artists.

Ever heard of that old warning – never talk to strangers? Well, it applies online too. You can’t trust everyone you interact with online. While there are lots of genuine peeps online, there are also predators waiting to devour innocent people. They’ll take advantage of your naïve nature and end up swindling you of your hard-earned money.

So, what should you consider when choosing a website to unlock At&t iPhone? Here are the things we believe you should always have in mind

Check Reviews

Reviews from former customers can act as a guide to what the company offers. Even if they claim they can change your phone from Samsung to iPhone (just kidding), you can only trust them if you go through the reviews. Take time and analyze genuine reviews from clients about the services they have received too.

At least through the reviews, you can confirm whether they are a legitimate service, or just another fraud case online.

Analyze Several Sites

Before settling on one website to unlock At&t iPhone, take your time and spread your fishing net wide. That’s how you separate a good company from a great one. You might be settled and happy that you made the right choice, up until you realize there was a better option you ignored.

Go Through Their Policies and Modes of Operation

Check how they unlock At&t iPhone, and what they need to do that. Ensure that they are not using dubious means to unlock your phone. While phone unlocking is totally legal, you might want to know that some companies use illegal methods to unlock At&t iPhone. Avoid such websites.

Avoid Sites that Ask for Personal Information

If they are asking for so many private details, run as fast as you can without looking back. Companies that seek personal information from users are mostly scammers in the name of effective websites. If you go ahead and give them what they seek, that’s how you end up losing your money and other valuable digital assets.

A credible company will only ask you for the IMEI number and the email you want to receive the code in.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the two main ways you can use to unlock At&t iPhone. Take time and choose the one that you find most convenient. But if you ask us, we would go with choosing a third party website. It’s faster, cheaper, and way more convenient.


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