Finding out a finest patch provider is not an easy task. There are dozens of companies who sell custom patches in the U.S. You wanna check for it? Just press custom made patches on google search box, you will see plenty of patch provider across country. Therefore, choosing the best quality patches deal need few certain things to look for.

In order to make this process easy you need to look for some points.

Almost every other company claim to provide unlimited revisions and free virtual design. Bear in mind, even if you have fully-realized concept prepared, your desing sometimes still need to be converted to be compatible with the manufacturing process.  A valid service provider always share you a free virtual artwork for your approval before getting in udner the machine.

Free Shipping & Sample

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Always look for free shipping form vendor. And if he says Yes, then you next question should be about turn around time. Every next custom embroidered patch provder offer “free shipping”. But Free standard shipping can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months as they all are not the same.

A reliable patche provider gives you two weeks or less of the time you place your order with them. This is estimated production and shipping time.


Quality and Money Back Guarantee

We would suggest you to find someone for a written guarantee of quality. Its your right to get refund for defective production with no additional cost to you.

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When it comes to material, the best personalized patch supplier always use highest quality materials in production. Even a cotton twill which is normally used for non-completed embroidered patch should be 100% perfect. This ultimately impact how long your patch can run against wash and pollution.

Speaking to pvc rubber patches they must prefer high quality rubber with digital source of heating process. And in terms of leather patches you are supposed to ask your supplier which kind of leather his is gonna used for your patches.

Remember! Each company treat custome differently. In order to get a good idea you may check their customer support. Check out how responsive and friendly they are.

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Patches Mania

At, we offer the best quality custom made patches on the market. We ensure top-quality materials for your orders. No matter whatever it takes. Similarly, when it comes to punching a desing or creating vector for printed patches our graphic artists are second to none.

Patches Mania ensure ordering patches quick, smooth and even fun. Our team will work with you to ensure that your custom embroidered patches are exactly how you envisioned them.

Let start with us for getting a free quote, or send us an email  any questions you have.



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