Auto insurance covers are a requirement by law and a necessity that every car owner should have. It covers part of or all damages and cost incurred in an accident depending on the cover you choose. You are required by law to at least have liability insurance, covering the cost of damages you caused to another car in case of an accident.

The auto insurance industry is filled with many companies and independent insurance agencies all out to get you to sign with them. However, if you are not careful, you will end up choosing the wrong company, which will fail to pay your claims. You must choose the right auto insurance company that is reliable and will fit your needs.

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Consider the following steps when choosing car insurance to get an affordable and reliable one.


Check Auto Insurance Law Requirements in Your State

All states require you to have at least liability cover insurance, and others extending the cover to Personal Injury Protection, Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Medical Payments. The law also requires one to have collision and comprehensive coverage on a leased or financed vehicle.

You can check with various auto insurance companies to see if they offer the minimum state requirement cover before buying one with them. You should also confirm that the insurance cover you choose is licensed to operate in your state. You should also check out some of the options for the non owner car insurance with SR22.

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Compare Needs and Cost

There are several insurance covers that are important but not mandatory under the law. Full coverage insurance is one such cover. It gives you, your vehicle and the other party involved in the accident financial protection when an accident occurs.

If you have an expensive car that you will not afford to repair in case of an accident, you should get yourself an auto insurance company that offers you full coverage.

Do Research and Compare Car Insurance Costs

One way you can get a reliable cover is through referrals, but it is not always practical. What worked for someone else is not necessarily the one that will work for you. Different companies offer the same coverage at different rates, so it is necessary to do your research before getting one.

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However, you should be careful when choosing an auto insurance company as cheap is not always the best. Research on cover prices will help you narrow down your options to companies that are affordable for you. You then do your research to check their reliability.

You can do a consumer complaints ratio to see how often the company fails to pay claims and avoid falling into the same. This information is available in each state’s Department of Insurance.

Part of the research is doing a J.D. power satisfaction ranking. Every year J.D. ranks car insurance companies based on customer satisfaction, coverage options, price, and claims handling. This will give you a rough idea of the type of experience you are likely to have with the car insurance company.

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Check Insurance Company Strength

Before signing a cover with any auto insurance company, you should always research their ability to pay out a claim. This is very important, especially if you want to buy an expensive cover to avoid losing your money.


Many companies will always try to look for ways not to pay your claim, especially if they lack the financial muscles. You should check A.M. Best and Poor ratings to see the financial strength of various insurance companies.

Choose a Service Provider

Searching for insurance is a hectic affair full of terms that you may not understand, hidden costs and clauses. If you are not careful, you will end up buying into an insurance company that will never pay your claim. This is why you should consider getting external help if you are confused.

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You should consider buying insurance with the help of an agent. There are two types of agents;

  • Independent Agents; Those with links to more than one insurance company and are only interested in selling an insurance policy that fully satisfies your needs from the many insurance companies they have links to.
  • Captive Agents; These are agents who are from one insurance company and are vested in selling you the best insurance cover for you from their company.

Using agents is an excellent way to get advice and buy into an insurance company confident of putting your money in the right place. Both agents are after satisfying your needs hence will do their best to keep you happy.

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Buying insurance should not always be stressful. You can contact your local insurance company to get assigned a local agent who will advise you and take you through the whole process. You can also decide to do the work yourself and choose the cover and company that works best for you. Insurance is all a matter of choices.



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