Have you heard of the viral song “Caneta Azul” that took the internet by storm in 2019? It was sung by Manoel Gomes, a Brazilian farmer who had no prior experience in the music industry. Despite being a hit sensation, there’s not much known about Manoel Gomes. This post will unfold the story of Manoel Gomes and his net worth, answering the questions about his life that are unknown to most people.

The Story of Manoel Gomes

Manoel Gomes was born in 1945 on a farm in the Brazilian state of Maranhão. For most of his life, Manoel worked as a farmer and never thought he would become a singer. He wrote the lyrics to Caneta Azul when he misplaced his pen and couldn’t find it. The catchy song that was uploaded to social media blew up almost overnight, causing news channels across Brazil to pick up the story. However, Manoel Gomes had no idea of the song’s popularity until people started coming to his farm to take pictures with him.

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How Much is Manoel Gomes Worth?

Manoel Gomes net worth is estimated to be around $250,000. The majority of his wealth comes from his newfound internet fame. He has not been involved in any major deals or investments, but his song has been streamed heavily on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok. Manoel Gomes has also released several other songs since Caneta Azul, which have also generated significant revenue.

How did Caneta Azul Become so Popular?

Caneta Azul started as a local hit in Brazil, but thanks to social media, it rapidly spread across the world. It’s difficult to say for certain what the secret to its success was, but the song’s unique rhythm and catchy lyrics played a significant role. Additionally, the fact that Manoel Gomes was an unknown farmer who had written the song made it all the more appealing to people.

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What’s Next for Manoel Gomes?

Since the release of Caneta Azul, Manoel Gomes has been approached by several record labels who are interested in working with him. There have also been rumors of a tour that would see the farmer performing his hit song in various parts of the world. However, Manoel has not confirmed or denied any of these rumors.

Who is Manoel Gomes Married to?

Manoel Gomes has been married to his wife, Maria Aparecida do Nascimento Silva, for over five decades. According to reports, she has been his biggest supporter throughout his career and has played a significant role in the production of his music.

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How did Manoel Gomes Come up with the Lyrics to Caneta Azul?

As previously mentioned, Manoel Gomes wrote the lyrics to Caneta Azul when he couldn’t locate his pen. According to him, the song’s opening line (“Pen, blue pen, where are you?”) came naturally to him because he was genuinely looking for his pen at the time.


Manoel Gomes might have been an unknown farmer, but his song Caneta Azul turned him into an overnight success. His unique rhythm, catchy lyrics, and relatable story inspired people from all over the world. Manoel Gomes is worth an estimated $250,000 and has no plan of slowing down anytime soon. It’s incredible to see how one simple song can change someone’s life so dramatically.

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Q: Who is Manoel Gomes?

A: Manoel Gomes is a Brazilian farmer who wrote the viral song Caneta Azul.

Q: What is Manoel Gomes net worth?

A: Manoel Gomes net worth is estimated to be around $250,000.

Q: How did Caneta Azul become popular?

A: Caneta Azul became popular thanks to social media and its unique rhythm and catchy lyrics.

Q: Is Manoel Gomes married?

A: Yes, Manoel Gomes has been married to his wife, Maria Aparecida do Nascimento Silva, for over five decades.

Q: What inspired Manoel Gomes to write Caneta Azul?

A: Manoel Gomes wrote the song when he lost his pen and couldn’t find it.

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Q: Has Manoel Gomes been approached by any record labels?

A: Yes, there have been rumors of Manoel Gomes being approached by several record labels.

Q: Will Manoel Gomes go on a world tour?

A: There have been rumors of Manoel Gomes going on a world tour, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Don’t forget to listen to “Caneta Azul” while you read this post. Who knows, you might find it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


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