If you intend to move to a new house or bring in new furniture, you will surely need to remove your current furniture. And you may need to get an overview of the money you will spend. Though there may not be an exact figure, there are average costs. These costs are affected by various factors. The following section reveals the various aspects that may impact the price of moving furniture. 


Factors That Impact Moving Costs

To begin with, you need to know that the distance and volume matter a lot. The following are the most significant aspects that will help determine your final moving cost. 

  • Moving Time
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If you move your items during peak seasons, you will pay higher. But if you can wait to have the move done in the low season, it would be the best idea. The time you intend to move will determine the amount of money you will pay.

  • Special Attention

If you own any piece of furniture that requires special care, you may have to pay more. 

  • Ease of Access

Where you live will impact the price you will pay for furniture disposal. If you live in a very busy street, you will have to pay hire. This is because the movers may face hardships when trying to access your home or move the items from your home to the van. 

  • Man and a van
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You can pay for moving your furniture if you just need a man and a van. You can spend about £50-£60 per hour. For this cost, you can get two men and a van. 

Average Removal Costs in London

Typically, if you are to relocate to a new city or far away from your current city, you will definitely pay higher. A local move will be cheaper compared to when you are travelling many miles away from your current residential area. In short, distance plays a major role here. Some firms request £0.50 and £1 per mile. However, other firms will charge you per hour. It is upon you decided on which one suits your budget. 

Furniture Removal Costs in London

In most cases, you can hire a removal firm that can dismantle and reassemble furniture for you. And this process will cost as per pieces or depending on the number of such pieces that require dismantling and reassembling. Roughly, you could spend £125 to have 3 double beds taken care of. However, if there are some pieces that demand extra caution, you will have to splash more euros than expected. 

For example, if you have some art pieces and antiques, you will be charged higher than usual. Remember, these items require much caution, special care and most importantly, special wrapping materials. Due to the use of more wrapping or protection materials or time to handle the fragile items, you are prone to high prices.

They may also require special equipment to facilitate the removal of the fragile pieces. Make it known to the removal company that you possess some fragile items that demand special care. You will have peace of mind as long as a professional removal company. 

Besides, you may partner with some removal company that can offer insurance. This is to make sure that all your items cannot just get lost or get damaged. The following are some of the items that demand special attention.

  • Piano
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Some items are trickier to remove. You need the best or specialized removal services to have a piano taken care of. The cost may vary in accordance with various aspects explained above but expect to spend £100. The amount paid to the removal service provider caters for the labour and any special fees. 

  • Sofa

You should consider hiring the best furniture removal firm to help with the sofas. Some furniture may need a special car too, especially those with glass parts. They can help you remove the sofa for a fee. Even if you would like to dispose of any old or damaged sofa, they can handle that with passion because it is their duty and is committed to ensuring all clients are serving satisfactorily. 

  • Moving a Fridge
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Some items like fridges should never be handled by just anyone. You should always hire the best professional in your area to help with moving your fridge. They are aware of what must be done just before the fridge is moved from its current location to the new house. 

Bottom Line

You can spend little if you do not intend to move for long distances. As indicated above, you will pay high if you are to move to a new city. Besides, you can consider other factors to figure out your expected prices. You can reach out to the removal company in London to discuss the entire project. They will give you their various removal packages to choose the one that suits your needs. Additionally, they can offer you customized service if that is what will serve you better. 


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