Anything to make a baby’s life easier. That was the thought behind a recent study that found organic formula is better than what comes from traditional farms. However, this may take away some of the benefits you used to have with buying natural formula, but there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider switching over to this option with your child.

  1. Better Ingredients

It’s no secret that the standard ingredients in formula It’s no secret that the standard ingredients in the quality baby formula have been scrutinized and come under intense scrutiny since the emergence of the modern formula. By using these ingredients, you’re basically paying money for water and something to kill bacteria, but is there really a need for that? Well, yes.

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While there are some benefits such as it being easy to identify contaminants in formula, this isn’t always possible. For example, contamination can occur during production or storage. It can also be introduced during storage if the formula container is left overfilled. Even though natural and organic formulas don’t contain any of those contaminants, they do have a variety of vitamins and minerals that are important for a baby’s development.

  1. Fewer Allergies

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to formula is the amount of allergens within it. Most formulas contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). However, taking into consideration that these are known allergens and these have yet to be proven safe for consumption, it’s still something you should consider before feeding your baby formula.

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On top of that, the ingredients in organic products may eliminate some of the allergenic proteins usually found in conventional formulas. Animals used for breeding may also contain proteins which act as allergens. Organic formulas are also natural and not bred through any kind of GMO process.

  1. Less processed

One of the main reasons why chemical formulas are used is to make it easier for the body to process. This makes it more absorbable, which means nutrients can be taken in easier. However, this can also mean that a lot of the natural vitamins and minerals are stripped away during the processing and turned into something simpler. Thus, if you’re looking for a formula that has fewer artificial ingredients added in, natural or organic formulas will do much better than their counterparts.

  1. Better Quality Control
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While standards are set to ensure quality control is met by all food manufacturers, this doesn’t always work out. There is a need to be able to ensure that standards are being followed and that the best quality product can be produced. Although natural or organic formulas may not have regulations for organic formula production, there is still a need for them to ensure quality. If you’re able to find formulas that are natural or organic, they should also contain low levels of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals you would find in traditional formulas. It also helps you to set newborn sleep schedule.

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In the end, it may still come down to personal preference. However, with the rise in awareness of what’s in formula there are more options you can use that will suit your needs. For example, there are formulas available that contain breastfeeding friendly ingredients so you don’t have to change your diet right away when you begin breastfeeding.


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