Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution. They are also the pillars of support for their students who are totally dependent on them for their growth and development as good human beings and respectable citizens in society. The job of a teacher is not an easy one and it takes a lot of hard work, effort and skill to be a teacher who can inspire his or her students without any motivational quotes for students or any other such tools. A teacher’s job is not just limited to delivering classes and conducting exams and grading answer sheets. There are many more aspects of a teacher’s job.

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In both the online education system and the offline education system, the job of a teacher has been very demanding and the teachers have to put in a lot of research and effort for delivering even a single lecture or conducting a class. Let us first understand some aspects of a teacher’s job and that will help us know better how a mobile teacher app makes a difference and benefits the teachers in various ways.


First and foremost, a teacher must be highly knowledgeable in their subject and know not only from books and resources but also keep himself or herself up to date with present-day examples and the latest news in the same. This is especially important in the online system of teaching and learning as the students have access to resources from across the world and can ask doubts related to anything and everything. Creating course content from the knowledge that teachers have is the next important task. Course creation is not an activity that is new or introduced during the online education system. The development of content for delivering lectures and conducting classes has been a part of the teacher’s job as it allows the teacher to add a personal touch to his or her lectures. In the online system, this task has increased as the content must be highly engaging and creative to get the students to focus more and pay attention. A mobile teacher app allows the teachers to create content using the mobile and helps them use their free time from anywhere to involve in this activity.

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The next task after creating content is to deliver the same to the class. This is also called teaching or taking a lecture where a teacher explains different topics and concepts related to his or her subject to a classroom full of students. This activity involves other activities like marking and recording the attendance, scheduling the classes properly, assigning homework and grading the same and also ensuring that every student pays attention during the lecture. Tasks like marking and recording the attendance have been automated to some extent by the mobile apps for teachers to help the teachers devote more time to the non-monotonous and tedious tasks. Some apps and platforms also offer features to grade assignments of certain types.

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While creating course content and delivering the same, an important task for the teachers is to understand the student psychology. This also includes understanding the attention span and focus levels of the students. It is not really easy managing a classroom full of students and making sure that every student pays attention to what you say and what you teach. It is only a teacher who can handle these situations with their knowledge and awareness of how to handle different types of children.


Another important part of the teacher’s job is to monitor the progress of the students. The student progress can be monitored by conducting tests, quizzes and exams. Surprise tests are also a way of testing how many students have been regular with their work and studying by themselves regularly. The teachers have to make question papers or prepare the questions for a test or quiz and hand them out to the students, invigilate during the test and also assess the answer sheets that are submitted by the students. After marking every answer sheet, the teachers are also supposed to record these marks and grades separately for every student in a file on a computer or a register. Many of these tasks have been simplified by the desktop and mobile apps for teachers.

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