The aromatic smell of the paneer butter masala is something that many of us cannot ignore. At times, when we search for the best paneer butter masala recipe online, we end up with something that is not restaurant-style. The restaurant-style paneer butter masala recipe tastes a lot different from what one typically cooks at their home.

Besides, there is a question of dietary factors, whether the oil is good for health, or the butter is of high fat. In today’s blog, we will discuss the best restaurant-style paneer butter masala recipe.

To know about this amazing luscious dish, the story goes back to the post-independence period of India. That was the year 1950 when the Punjabis were busy discovering different delicious dishes to serve the customers at the Moti Mahal restaurant.

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After innumerable researches and tries, they came up with the idea of adding Makhan, the Hindi name of butter to the basic items to make it more aristocratic. Thus, the paneer butter masala recipe was first coined in India. Let’s dig into the best restaurant-style paneer butter masala recipe below.

What are the basics that you will need?

  • Cashews of around 75-100 grams
  • Butter
  • Ripe and fresh tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Paneer, obviously
  • Cream

At last, the spices such as cayenne pepper, green chili, Kashmiri red chili powder, garam masala, coriander leaves, and fenugreek leaves.


Start with washing all the raw vegetables and nuts. Now soak the cashews in water for around 15-20 minutes. After that, start chopping the vegetables. The tomatoes must be cut into fine pieces. Cut the garlic and ginger with finely chopped size.

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Cut the green chili from the middle horizontally. When you are done cutting the vegetables, make sure you are blending the cashews and tomatoes separately and store the paste of ginger and garlic.

Now, heat the pan in medium flame and add oil. Stir the oil until it is semi-hot, and then add butter. After the butter melts, add the Indian bay leaves, followed by the ginger garlic paste.

You are halfway through the delicious paneer butter masala recipe. Now, add the tomato puree and stir it for around 7 minutes. Add the Kashmiri red chili powder; cayenne pepper followed by the cashew paste and sauté it until it becomes a thick consistency.

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Now add the green chili, salt as per taste and finally the paneer and sauté until you see a thick paste kind of curry. Add the fenugreek leaves and garam masala to the curry for a better taste.

Remember, you can add water in a small portion in the middle of the process if you need it. Do not break the paneer pieces. After the whole process, add the heavy milk and cover the pan. It is ready to serve!


Be it a vegetarian or one who loves non-vegetarian food, paneer butter masala is something that nobody can ignore. The royal taste and the delicate look make it a more mouth-watering dish.

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As discussed earlier, for a very long time, people have been in search of the perfect blend of different spices and the correct proportion of the butter that will make the paneer butter masala recipe, a super hit.

The recipe shared above is finely preserved from the age-old Indian authentic kitchen that gives you the assurance of the best flavor.


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