The fleet industry is bursting like never before, the fleet management system becoming easier and efficient with the new cutting-edge technologies.


The inclusion of AI and GPS technologies has revolutionized the game for fleet businesses. GPS technology is serving as a new tool that allows fleet industry owners and managers to keep track of their fleets during rides and deliveries of goods.


You can easily keep a check on the routes and reel time position of the fleet trucks. GPS vehicle tracking system can help you to predict route efficiency, traffic rates, driver tracking using sim tracking system, fuel theft alert, predict route and create sound schedules and routes for future deliveries and projects, and much more.

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These modern technologies are super-efficient but sometimes due to some glitch in the systems, software, or due to other reasons may misbehave and show inaccurate reasons.


This article will help you to understand the reasons why GPS can misbehave and how to correct it.


Common Glitches related to  GPS

GPS is an advanced and highly efficient technology and most of the time shows accurate locations and tracking of your device without any glitches.


In recent years, many incidents have suggested that the most common problem encountered while operating GPS tracking is incorrect tracking.


Many high-end updated location services like Google maps or apple maps can show incorrect locations sometimes and services like google maps show correct locations under the 4 to 10 meters range.

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There are high chances that you may experience some issue while tracking your device through a GPS in many cases.


The most efficient GPS services act best in the perfect conditions having a connection to high-speed internet, you or your device is in a metro city and you are working outdoors. Factors like these are ideal to give you the accurate location of your device.


In many cases and at certain places you may experience trouble locating your device accurately even if all the above factors lie in good internet devices located outdoors in a city. The problem of inefficiency in GPS comes due to the bad reach of the GPS satellites to your device.

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The problem persists in many cases because the GPS satellites orbiting the earth sometimes due to an obstacle can not reach up to your device.


The satellite signals are obstructed by things such as large buildings, trees, high-density clouds, and any other physical object that comes between your device and the satellite sending GPS signals.


Often, when your device is located in a highly dense or populated area surrounded by crowds and other high buildings there are high chances your device may not receive proper GPS signals and may show faulty location.


The other way of tracking your device is through the use of the cellular network to create a connection between the satellites and your cell phone. These days many GPS services use cellular networks as it is more widespread and connects major areas of the country together.

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The cell phone will get connected to the nearest cellular tower and the distance between them will allow the satellites to predict the location of the device. The location is accurate if your device is connected to more than three GPS satellites.


Higher the number of satellites, the higher the efficiency of your location.The inaccuracy in detecting your location through GPS may happen due to a phenomenon known as cold starts.


Many GPS devices when kept inactive for longer durations can behave inappropriately after turning on for seven to ten minutes. This delay inaccuracy after turning off your GPS device is known as old starts.

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What can you do to increase fleet GPS accuracy?

The main factor that decides the accuracy of your GPS device is the intensity of GPS signals received by your device from the GPS satellites. There are many factors that can improve your fleet’s GPS performance in case of any glitch.


The first thing is that you must try to keep your device in an open area. If you are using GPS over your phone, keep your phone up to a certain height so that your phone can easily revive GPS signals.


The location tracking may get affected in remote areas of the countryside where the signal coverage is usually low. In case of bad weather conditions try waiting for the weather to improve and the GPS network will improve eventually.

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The battery of the GPS device can also alter the tracking service. In case of a low battery, you may experience some inconveniences. It is important to charge your device’s battery so that it can work effectively.


In many cases, your GPS may get turned off automatically. This may happen due to longer intervals of inactivity. In such a case, try restarting your GPS device to improve location tracking.


It is a mandatory thing to select a better chipset for your GPS device. Different devices come with multiple kinds of GPS chipset. A chipset of higher quality will provide better efficiency and long durability.

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You can try connecting to remote Bluetooth and WiFi networks to increase the signal reach of your device. This can help you to increase your tracking efficiency instantly. If the problem still persists try restarting your device several times.



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