Kratom strains have been making airwaves into mainstream society with several health benefits. The herb is used for pain relief, relaxation, energy boost, and sedation, among other uses.

There are dozens of kratom strains on the market today with different uses and effects. Some varieties are highly potent when used to relieve pain, while others are best for easing depression. Note that High quality organic kratom strains come in three colors- red, white, and green. They are available as powder, capsule, or liquid kratom tincture. 

Understanding the different kratom strains can help you select the best one that serves your needs. If you are interested in kratom, here is a guide on the strains available and their effects on the body.


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1. Borneo

The Borneo kratom is one of the potent strains of all kratom products. Its products are high in 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids, making it one of the potent strains of all kratom products. People mostly use Borneo for its sedative effects. However, you can also use the strains to treat stress and anxiety, insomnia and curb opiate cravings. You must know the right kratom dosage for anxiety to get yourself relieved.

2. Malaysia Kratom

The Malay strains are increasingly popular on the market because of their different uses. When taken in low doses, the Malay strain provides stimulating effects. However, you can use them for sedation when taken in high doses. The variant also helps improve cognitive functions and mental energy. People use the Malay strain to kick-start their day on a positive note and boost their energy.

3. Indo Kratom

This kratom is dominantly found in Indonesia, used for relaxation and mood-boosting. However, you can also use the red-vein Indo Kratom to treat pain symptoms. Some people use the strain to combat opiate withdrawal symptoms. You will find a red vein, white vein, and the super Indo kratom on the market with different uses.

4. Bali Kratom

This strain comes from Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the most affordable kratom strains on the market with many health benefits. You can use the strain to numb pain or reduce appetite when on a weight diet. It also has some stimulating effects, making it perfect to take before a day’s work.

5. Maeng Da Kratom

No one disputes the potential of Maeng Da Kratom when used to boost energy. This is one of the common names on the kratom market believed to be produced from pollinating selective kratom plants. Therefore, it is stronger than many of the existing varieties.

Maeng Da strain is popular with people performing manual and mental tasks because of its energy-boosting products. It boosts your mental focus while making the exhausting tasks appear easy. When using Maeng Da, people have a better mood. You will find red, white, and green Maeng Da Kratom strains on the market.

6. Thai Kratom

Thai strain is one of the highly potent kratom types on the market when used as an energy booster. It has a high concentration of mitragynine alkaloids that can improve a user’s focus when performing specific tasks. It also serves as an energy booster, thus helping to deal with mental and physical fatigue. People also use Thai kratom to enhance their moods and relieve depression. You will find Thai kratom in white and green colors with different roles.

Kratom strains by color

Each kratom strain is divided into red, green, and white colors with different effects on the body. They are commonly written as red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom since the color of their veins differentiates them. For example, the leaf vein will appear red when immature, turning to white when in the middle of the growing cycle, and green when mature. White strains are euphoric and energizing, red variants are for sedation and body high, while green veins are euphoric and sedating.

Take the white kratom strain if you want to boost your energy because of their uplifting experience. They are the best option when looking to improve your productivity with effects that last up to five hours. People also use white strains to treat depression and insomnia. The white kratom varieties are known for energizing the user and instilling motivation. They also improve focus and concentration that results in better productivity.

The red strains have sedative effects, making them suited for relaxation. They are considered the most potent kratom, ideal for beginners and regulars. These strains are good at dealing with insomnia and opiate withdrawal symptoms and can last up to five hours. They also offer pain-relieving effects for chronic pain or any other muscle strains. If you are shopping for kratom varieties, you are more likely to see the red vein strain than any other variety. These varieties are also in high demand as people seek a relaxing experience.

The green strains are the most potent when used for pain relief and lifting your mood. They are gentle stimulants and can last up to eight hours. Use the green vein kratom variant if you want a middle ground between red and white strains. They strike the perfect balance between acting as a stimulant and for analgesic effects. They also provide clarity of mind when used to boost productivity.

Bottom line

Kratom provides a natural alternative to dealing with pain, anxiety, hectic schedules, and many other needs. More people are turning to the evergreen herb to help their bodies relax, improve their health condition, and offer an alternative to pain management. This guide can help you select the best kratom strain that will meet your health needs.

Remember strain’s effects depend on their quality. Hence, focus on purchasing high-quality products from certified distributors to enjoy their effects. Also, consider changing the variants to avoid developing an addiction to them. It’s crucial to consult your physician before trying any kratom strain.


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