Having canine companions with you is such a blissful part of life. Research proves that animals help you reduce stress and have the best time of your life. Pets and dogs provide the proper motivational support to people.

Whenever you are sad, dogs tend to understand your feelings. Further, their presence can make you feel loved and safe. There is proof that canine-invested sessions are fruitful in so many ways. It helps in reducing stress in students in the best way possible.

Therapy sessions with dogs are beneficial for students. Some students suffer from depression or anxiety because of not being able to perform well. When they take sessions with canine companions, it is so refreshing for them. These interactions have contributed to making people feel better.

How dog therapy helps students?

1.      Proximity matters a lot

In dog therapies, touch is so important. Therefore, college students function under three conditions. Firstly, there is direct contact where there are touching dogs during the therapy. Secondly, they sit near the dog without touching them.

Last is the dog controller, where there is a handler but no dog. Care is taken to ensure that these sessions take place as planned. You can uphold animal welfare in dog therapy sessions. In each session, the students are monitored to show signs of distress. These sessions are primarily 20 minutes. The candidates are also asked to complete both pre and post-measures.

Simply being near a dog and scratching it is an excellent therapy for people. It boosts the well-being of the participants.




2.      The Idea of Touch Therapy

Stress is primarily seen in students during their final exams. But avoiding stress is the key to having a good life. Being a college student is such a stressful experience. The first-year students are always in the eyes of the seniors.

There are new friends and relationships. Students should be able to cope with themselves on campus. It’s essential to support the mental health of the students. An invisible fence for dogs is perfect when used in therapy sessions. Unfortunately, the dogs are inside the borders, and the students sit close to the fence.

3.      Supporting of Students

There are on-campus stress reduction programs, but the students don’t benefit much from them. In addition, these programs are not very good when addressing students’ mental issues.

When a dog is lying under their feet, they feel confident and safe to share even its deepest fears. Scratch the dog’s ears and give them belly rubs to get happiness.

There will be more significant effects on social connectedness and subjective happiness also. For example, dogs can change your life for the better. In addition, students make new friendships and get to know new people in college.

How is Dog Therapy Related to Mental Health?

Dog therapies react and respond to the people only under the guidance of the owners. Only trained dogs are used to provide calm and comfort to the students. Even a sensitive touch can provide calmness to people. The trained dogs are experts in:

1.      Detecting any signs of anxiety attacks

2.      Calming down a person after the anxiety attacks by face licking

3.      Prevent other people from moving ahead in distress, etc.


Understand the dog’s personality first and then move ahead with the therapy. People face an incredible amount of stress nowadays. They should be able to unload their stress in the best ways. Relieve stress from students and let them live normal lives. 


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