Short Overview: Daniel Ieromka CEO founded HostZealot in 2009 and has progressively grown the company year after year since then.

HostZealot, a hosting company, is dedicated to providing lightning-fast hosting and personalized customer service.

Extremely passionate about what they do HostZealot is named after the impressive title “Zealot” which defines a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their ideals. Their mission is to inspire enthusiasm for what they do. HostZealot focuses on building long-lasting relationships with customers through exceptional customer service.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

HostZealot offers a complete range of shared hosting packages, VPS, and dedicated server hosting for customers all over the globe. Localized hosting is available from 7 different hosting centers around the world. HostZealot offers customized solutions to customers who require a specific configuration of their servers.

HostZealot offers hosting packages that fit any budget, no matter how small or large. From small business solutions such as shared hosting and Linux VPS to dedicated and Windows VPS hosting for businesses that require more storage and higher performance.

How to Use HostZealot Hosting Services: Very easy to use

Let’s take a look at the ease of using HostZealot’s hosting services. Sign up first. After you place an order for services, you will be directed to the page that contains configurations.

Pre-setup procedures are offered by the company, which is similar to many companies that offer hosting solutions. You should then choose the best payment plan for you. You can make payments every month or choose quarterly/annual/semi-annual plans.

Next, choose the hostname and OS. You can navigate the control panel quickly and easily to find what you are looking for.

You need to review all options before you place an order. Go to the Checkout, and ensure that you are comfortable with the product’s features. Last, enter your payment and personal details. You can choose from a variety of payment options to ensure maximum convenience.

The entire process is easy to use, despite the many configurations and options available from HZ.


HostZealot Hosting Services

HostZealot offers four shared hosting plans: Scout, Scout, Corvette, and Carrier. All plans come with the following standard features:

  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel
  • No cost for applications
  • FTP accounts
  • Server-side virus filtering
  • Email and webmail free

HostZealot has many features that are useful for developers and webmasters, including:

  • Support for PHP 5+ and cURL, Perl 5+, Zend Image Magick, GD, and more
  • SSL Support
  • Access to SSH
  • TCL and Python
  • Cron Jobs
  • Awstats
  • Apache Handlers


HostZealot does not have a point-and-click website builder. This is why it isn’t suitable for Wix-style hosting.

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It does offer, however, Installation apps for WordPress, Joomla Drupal, Drupal, phpBB, and other platforms, may be possible to set up websites on these platforms if you are familiar with the process.

The HostZealot platform can be used by web designers who are familiar with FTP and cPanel to create websites.

You can code in web programming languages and scripting languages like Perl 5+, PHP 5+, etc.

The host does not offer automated backups. However, you can All plans with cPanel come with free backups

Although the disk space available on HostZealot plans can be limited to 1 GB up to 100 GB, it should still suffice for small websites or businesses.

Storage issues can occur if you exceed the maximum domains you have on Scout or higher.

The bandwidth for the Scout and Observer plans is 100 GB each.

Both the Corvette and Carrier packages include 1 and 2 TBs respectively, which are more than enough for all site requirements.

HostZealot – Packages and Benefits

HostZealot - Packages and Benefits

Observer – 1 Dollar Web Hosting

HostZealot provides top-quality hosting using the most up-to-date tech, but they also offer packages to suit every budget. The hosting package starts at $1 per month.

For only $12 per year, the $1 per month starter package offers an excellent entry-level solution to those just starting their online business.

This package includes 1GB of disk space, 100GB bandwidth, one domain, and one email address.

HostZealot offers shared hosting in many countries, including the USA and Canada.

They provide cPanel – as standard and also a wide variety of free applications such as Magento, WordPress, and Joomla. They also offer a free domain for each of their three higher-tiered plans.

Here is a list of all 4 shared hosting plans offered by HostZealot

Observer– 1GB Bandwidth and 100GB Bandwidth. 1 Domain

Scout– 15GB Bandwidth and 300GB Bandwidth. 10 Domains

Corvette50GB Bandwidth and 1TB Bandwidth. 50 Domains

Carrier– 100GB Bandwidth and 1TB Bandwidth. 10000 Domains

Special Server Packages and Other Benefits

Special Server Packages and Other Benefits

HostZealot offers a wide selection of dedicated servers. They also have on-site technicians that can manage your server if needed. HostZealot allows you to integrate multiple servers using a single network. There is also a traffic pool option that allows you to join servers. They also have solutions for every level of service from individuals to multinationals. Here is a list of all the dedicated servers that HostZealot offers.

Intel Atom – C2750 8×2.4 GHz 4 GB 250 GB 5 TB $59/mo

Intel Core – i3-series 2×3.5 Ghz 8 GB 500 GB 10 TB $89/mo

Intel Xeon – E3-1230v2 4×3.3 GHz 8 GB 500 GB 10 TB $99/mo

Intel Xeon – E3-1230v2 4×3.3 GHz 16 GB 1 TB 10 TB $109/mo

Intel Xeon – E3-1230v3 4×3.3 GHz 32 GB 2x1TB 100 Mbit $99/mo$149/mo

Intel Xeon – E3-1240v5 4×3.5 GHz 32 GB 2×240 GB 10 TB $159/mo

Intel Xeon – E5-1650v2 6×3.5 Ghz 32 GB 2 TB 10 TB $189/mo

Dedicated Servers with Dual Core CPU

Dual Intel – E5-2620v2 12×2.1 GHz 64 GB 1 TB 10 TB $299/mo

Dual Intel – E5-2660v3 20×2.6 GHz 64 GB 240GB SSD; 1TB 10 TB $549/mo

Linux VPS Server with Zealot


HostZeolot provides both Linux and Windows VPSs and has added a Hong Kong-based VPS. All of them are very affordable and have great specifications. Here are the benefits and features of their Linux VPS packages.

PackagezKVM128– 128 MMB5 GB1 or 256 GB

PackagezKVM256256 MB5 1 512 GB

PackagezKVM512– 512 Mb10 GB2 1 Tb

PackagezKVM1024– 1 GB20 GB3 TB1 TB

PackagezKVM2048– 2GB30 GB4 2TB

PackagezKVM4096– 4 GB50 GB4 TB4 4 TB

PackagezKVM8192– 8 GB100 8 GB4 8 Tb

Customer Support: How helpful is it?

Customer support should be a top priority. You have nothing to worry about when you choose HZ Hosting services. Unexpected errors can be corrected quickly by customer support specialists.

HostZealot offers a live chat option. It is very easy to connect via live chat.

If you need specialists to assist you quickly, you can add files with errors.

Attach documents to the chat feature to avoid lengthy explanations. You can access the ticketing system round-the-clock. A difficult situation can be handled in a few minutes.


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