The world is changing rapidly, but not in the way you might have expected. Technology has changed every aspect of our lives for the better. But not every technological invention and innovation has made fans in the modern world. While most gadgets and inventions have re-defined convenience for many of us, others have failed to do so – and we’ve forgotten about them. If you’re looking for an idea that you should definitely avoid launching in the market, you’ve come to the right article.

This brief write-up will highlight some of the worst flops and failures the tech industry has witnessed in the years. So grab your popcorn now and start reading!

  • AirPower
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When we hear about Apple launching a new product, we get excited to learn about the new innovation on the table. Mostly because Apple is trusted for breaking barriers with excellent engineering and design production. However, not everything that glitters is gold. When Apple announced the launch of AirPower, the audience was looking forward to using the one-of-a-kind wireless charger capable of charging up to 3 Apple devices at the same time. However, the excitement died down once it came out.

Apple eventually had to cancel the production because AirPower was unable to meet the standards set by Apple. Many people complained about the Apple devices overheating due to the charging mat. The hardware was hard to maintain as well, eventually leading to engineering issues in the product.

  • Google Nexus Q
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Potential customers failed to understand why an in-house and expensively designed digital media player by Google hardly had any support options for more than just phones or tablets. It wasn’t only expensive but Apple TV was offering all those features plus more at a much lower price than that of Google Nexus Q. Plus, the hardware and connectivity issues were frustrating for most. Within a month of its announcement for its pre-orders, Google announced it wanted to improve the product before its consumer launch.  And yes, you guessed it, the launch never happened.

  • Amazon HQ2

Ever thought about cities fighting one another to get the biggest retailer in town to open up their headquarters in their city? We didn’t either until now. Amazon is one of the biggest names in the eCommerce industry, so naturally, when it announced it wanted a location for its second headquarters, everything turned into a contest. But after months and months of finalizing cities, Amazon opened up 2 regional offices in New York and Arlington, instead of the headquarters. This news made waves and didn’t do quite well for the general public.

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New Yorkers didn’t want Amazon keeping the $1 billion in incentives at all. This is why they went to battle for months, which eventually pushed back all major plans for the company.

  • GoPro Karma

Karma by GoPro didn’t do quite well on the charts. It was an ‘okay’ drone as stated by users who have used and loved the company’s previous camera models. But Karma was far behind in many areas. From the lack of advanced features to fuzzy horizontal footage, Karma needed a lot of fixing.

Many people also wanted tracking sensors to dodge obstacles in the way when it’s off the ground. It also didn’t live up to its promised battery life of 20 minutes. While it was a good starter kit for those who were into action sports, it certainly didn’t gain much popularity after its release.

  • Sony PlayStation Vita
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Unlike other technological failures mentioned above, the PS Vita was well-liked by the general public. The handy size that could fit anywhere and the gaming power if offered, turned a lot of people into fans. While many of them bought it to satisfy their gaming addiction, most people on the other hand didn’t bother to, which is a major reason why Sony discontinued the PS Vita. The handheld gaming device failed to reach its true potential and always saw software updates as a major roadblock.

To Wrap It Up

Times have changed. Gadgets have evolved into tablets, wearables, drones, smart home devices, etc. Some of the biggest sharks in the tech industry wrote off billions of dollars with failed products, giving new and upcoming entrepreneurs a good laugh and a worthy lesson!

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When you’re looking for ways to launch in the tech market, research is key. Always stay on top of trends and the latest happenings with AT&T Wireless. Find the best internet connections near you with AT&T bundles and make smarter research-based decisions!


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