When it comes to clearing out areas with a high concentration of monsters, the Poison Nova Necromancer is in a class by itself. For those of you who want to do some serious Item grinding and melt packs of enemies all over the place, this is the game for you. With Poison Nova and Corpse Explosion, you can deal three different types of damage: physical, poison, and fire. These two skills have a wide area of effect (AoE) and deal with three different types of damage: physical, poison, and fire. Combining Necromancer’s Curses, Amplify Damage, and Conviction Aura from your Mercenary, you have the ability to completely ignore Monster immunities and rush through zones like no other class. If you decide to go with Enigma for his increased mobility and D2 Resurrected items, you will be rewarded with the best speed farming character in the game.

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Here is the most balanced end-game Poison Nova Necromancer guide for you, one that is optimized for the best clear speed and a respectable Magic Find stat to boost your Loot yield – after all, that’s what most Poison Nova Necromancers should strive to achieve.




Strength – just enough to handle all of the equipment you intend to use. Enigma (if you intend to use it) should provide you with all of the Strength you require, so if you use an alternative set of gear with STR in order to be able to equip it, you should not require any additional points here.

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Dexterity is the same as Strength in that you only require enough Dexterity to meet the requirements of your gear.


Vitality is the stat where you should put all of your remaining points because it is the primary stat that increases your survivability.


Energy – there are no points to be added to Energy. The Mana from Death’s Web and the Insight Aura on your Iron Golem should be sufficient for you.




Despite the fact that you will find the majority of the skills assigned to you from this Tree, you are only interested in one of the Iron Golem’s abilities. It is supposed to provide you with Insight Aura, which will allow you to have more Mana. Increasing his survivability and effectiveness is the focus of Regen and the other Skills in this section of the game.

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Skills: Raise Skeleton 1/20 – allows you to summon Skeletons to fight on your behalf; however, you will only use this skill as a prerequisite for the other skills.


Survival Mastery 1/20 – Increases the life of your revived minions by a factor of two. You should spend 1 point here if you are going to use those to take some of the damage from the other players.


Clay Golem 1/20 is only available as a prerequisite.


Golem Mastery 1/20 – increases the Life and Speed of your Golems by a factor of two. It is a must-have skill that increases the survivability of your Iron Golem.

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Summon Resist 1/20 – this is the same as above. Passively increases the Resistances of your summons, making them significantly more durable, allowing you to avoid losing your Insight as frequently if your Iron Golem dies, for example.


Raise Skeletal Mage 1/20 – only if you have the prerequisites.


The Resists of your Summoned Minions are increased by 1/20 when you use the Summon Resist ability. As a result, your summons will be much more resistant to elemental attacks, traps, and even simple fires than before.


Blood Golem 1/20 – required only as a prerequisite


Creating an Iron Golem 1/20 from an item on the ground, which in this case should be Insight Runeword, is a useful skill to have in your arsenal. It will then grant you the Meditation Aura, which will allow you to regenerate mana at a faster rate. You must summon your Golem with Insight after you have obtained all of the corresponding Passives and a large number of additional Skill levels from your gear, or you risk losing the Item if your Golem dies before you have summoned it.

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Revive 1/20 – This spell resurrects slain monsters to fight on your behalf. Monsters that have been resurrected are excellent at deflecting incoming enemies and projectiles, as well as generally taking some of the damage.




A variety of utility skills can be found on this tree, each of which can be used to debuff enemies with a different effect. When playing solo, you will primarily use Amplify Damage or Lower Resists to increase your DPS; however, if you are playing in a team, other Curses may be more effective in terms of overall effectiveness, so keep this in mind.

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As many skill levels (Necromancer/Poison and Bone Skills) as possible are desired because they are the most effective way to scale non-attack ability damage in cheap D2R ladder items. Additionally, you should strive to reach the 125% Faster Cast Rate breakpoint, even if doing so means sacrificing some defenses – after all, this is a speed farming build, and so long as you aren’t dealing with the most difficult Bosses, you should be fine. Aside from that, increasing your Maximum Life is always a good idea, as is increasing your Hit Recovery Speed, Poison Skill Damage, Poison Damage Penetration (via Poison Rainbow Facets), and having some extra Magic Find is always beneficial.

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We recommend picking up Act 2 Might Mercenary, as it provides the highest DPS of any Merc and allows you to deal with Poison Resistant enemies in the shortest amount of time possible. Because of its’ Conviction Aura, you should equip him with Infinity as soon as you can afford it. This aura significantly increases your overall DPS output (primarily through Merc’s and Corpse Explosion, but the increase is truly significant).


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