A lightweight fabric blazer is an excellent option if you’re searching for a stylish garment to transition from summer to fall. These summer blazers can help you dress up a casual outfit for a night out, locate the right light jacket for breezy evenings, or miss layering. An additional piece can be a welcomed addition to an existing wardrobe. However, some find the jacket types confusing. Here is a brief rundown to help you with your fashion choices:

Sports Jacket, Blazer, and Suit: What is the difference?

Is a blazer jacket identical to a sports jacket ? They may all appear to be the same to the uninitiated male fashionistas, and they are believed to serve the same purpose. Another problem is that many people selling these things don’t understand the distinctions either.

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Understanding the Difference

  1. Sports Jacket

Sports jackets’ initial use has an impact on its shape. Layering is easy when you have a well-fitting sports jacket.

The sports jacket’s roomy cut allows a sweater to be worn underneath. However, it’s a far cry from a suit jacket in terms of fit since it is a more relaxed tailoring.

  1. Suit Jacket

Suit jackets are designed to be worn with matching pants. Therefore, there will always be the same fabric used for the suit jacket and pants.

For this reason, it is not suggested to use the suit jacket as a sports jacket or blazer because it may lead the jacket to be washed more frequently than the pants. Because of this, they may appear to be out of place and unbalanced. However, if you want to mix and match, you have to be cautious of their washing instructions.

  1. Blazer Jacket
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In comparison to a suit jacket, the blazer is less formal. Although it is more formal than a sports jacket, a blazer does not come with a matching pair of pants, making it a hybrid. When it comes to coats, blazers have a more relaxed fit than suits. Moreover, the shoulder region is not as well-structured as it used to be. When it comes to the fit, an Italian-inspired blazer is more relaxed and unstructured.

 How the fabric matters

Other alternatives include cotton, linen, and premium fibres such as cashmere, vicuna, silk, and mohair when it comes to bespoke suits. Because of its lightweight and airy weave, linen is one of the most commonly used materials for summer suits. Linen is woven from flax fibres and has a beautiful natural texture. Unfortunately, it’s also prone to wrinkling, adding to its casual appeal.

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The sports jacket on the other hand was designed to contrast with the pants, they are not made with the same fabric, and the usual is to use the coat interchangeably to spice up your outfit. Wool, tweed, linen, corduroy, and cotton are some of the materials used to make a sports coat or sports jacket. Traditional sports coats are constructed of tweed, a kind of wool.


On the other hand, Blazers come in linen or cotton twill may be worn all year round, although they’re especially useful in the summer. It’s a little more formal, which is why it’s typically used as part of business attire.

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The male wardrobe has gotten an update with the simple jacket. Layering adds dimension to the look and can be an armor from discriminating eyes.

Alisha Albert


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