Many Australian children’s first stewardship has been Pokemon cards. They used to hold those cards in such high regard that even the most minor bent or tear would prompt a visit to the gaming store to purchase new ones. With the ability to acquire Pokemon trading cards online, this process has gotten much more accessible. Furthermore, they can be purchased as collectables.

In late 1988, Pokemon was initially launched in Australia. Every kid’s youth in the 1980s and 1990s was filled with anime, cards, and other games. Thanks to its resurgence, Pokemon Go has become a part of the existing generation’s youth. Pokemon Go is now played by roughly one in every two Australians, both children and adults. Regardless of one’s position, the historical effect on previous generations, influencing their interactions and play, cannot be denied. With an increasing number of youngsters choosing to play a Pokemon game, parents may question if things are more complicated than just fun and games.

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Pokemon Teach Children Life Skills in Four Ways:

Pokemon Go encourages children to go outside: Many children spend significant amounts of time on the sofa playing video games during the era of Video games, Xbox, and PS5. As entertaining as they are, these games can make children physiologically inactive and unhealthy. As they pursue the virtual monsters all over the neighbourhood while playing Pokemon Go, they are compelled to go outside. The platforming puzzles children and adults of all ages and motivates them to engage their muscles and exert physical effort to win.

Children are encouraged to think critically by playing card games: Due to the game’s difficulty, many children in the 1990s would have collected all of the decks but not learned to play them. Parents of today’s generation can purchase Pokemon trading cards, educate their children about the game’s rules, and urge them to play. It’s worth pressing the child to learn how to play with cards if they’re making an effort to gather the uncommon cards. It helps kids develop critical thinking, decision-making, and social skills. They also engage in various scenarios with their friends. Children’s mathematical skills are also enhanced by calculating scores and counting cards.

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Pokemon Promotes Children’s Companionship: According to the Young Australian Survey from 2016, one in every five Australian youngsters under the age of 13 thought Pokemon was fabulous and played it with their friends. It grew due to Pokemon Go, a GPS-based augmented reality game that drew people together in quest of uncommon Pokemon. Pokemon Go Fests take place worldwide, allowing fans to meet individuals from all cultures.

Pokemon Encourages Children’s Creativity: When kids watch anime, play cards, or catch Pokemon Go, they utilize their imaginations to imagine themselves hunting down and catching Pokemon in real life. They imagine pokemon Games like Charizard looming over them in the air as they search for them. They could also picture approaching Professor Oak to take up their Squirtle. Pokémon cartoons, card games, video games, and virtual reality have had children wondering about having adventures with their pals in exotic destinations for the more significant part of the preceding few generations. As a result, Pokemon encourages kids to use their imaginations.

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Pokemon is a unique approach for parents to nurture these abilities while also sharing memories with their children through a game they all enjoy.

Alisha Albert


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