Everybody loves pets. Some People prefer dogs to cats, others cats to dogs. Someone has golden fish and other parrots. Our pets became our tiny sisters and brothers. We love them as much as other relatives, even more. Each time you come home from a hard day’s work, they will be happy to see you and remove all the evil thoughts from your mind. Every time you are going to gamble at online sports betting NewZealand, they will jump over you so you start to pay attention only to them.

    Good Sleep

It is believed that a person sleeps for about a third of his life. This is from 15 to 30 years, depending on the time allotted for each. We always think that this is not enough and we want to sleep a little more. And with what envy we look at our fluffy household members, leaving a warm bed! Like us, sleep is extremely important for pets, so they devote most of their lives to this pleasant process, which means they have every chance to bring this skill to perfection. According to recent statistics, cats sleep up to 16 hours per day.

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In fact, everything is quite simple. nature created our four-legged friends as predators. The descendants of those same saber-toothed tigers and wolves. In their natural environment, wild cats are forced to patiently track down their prey, suddenly attack it, and attack it accurately. Such activity requires a lot of energy, which, as we know, can only be restored during sleep. Of course, the gentle descendants of true hunters do not have to make such an effort to get their own food. However, there is nothing stronger than instincts. Hunting for your bathrobe belt, chasing a ball, attacking your hair, and destroying toilet paper also requires a lot of effort from furry pranksters, and they take these activities quite seriously.

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Long Sleep is Divided

The sleep of animals is rather episodic. This means that our fluffy pets are content with multiple periods of sleep, which in fact can last from 15 minutes to several hours. The sleep of our pets consists of several phases. At first, the beast is dormant. Although the heartbeat and breathing slow down, and blood pressure and metabolic processes decrease, nothing escapes the sensitive hearing of your domestic predator. It controls the entire environment and is ready to wake up and run at full speed at any moment. Then sleep becomes deeper and it goes into a slow stage. Paradoxically, studies have found that brain activity during this period is the same or higher than during wakefulness.

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Which Dreams Do They See?

Many scientists believe that during the fast phase, animals are able to dream. The most popular dreams are about the survey of the surrounding area and hunting. In addition, in a dream, our pets are able to experience emotions, such as anger or fear.

There were no cases of insomnia reported in pets. However, as in humans, there are cases of sleep disorders among them, which can be a signal of some kind of disease, for example, digestive problems. Changes in the pet’s rest regimen will be noticed only by a very attentive owner. It is important to choose the right diet for your pet predator. Sleeping on a full stomach is much more pleasant. Pay attention to any details when it happens to your pet. Unfortunately, our fluffy predators dont talk but they can show the difference in their behavior.

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We wish you and your pet the best of health. Our pets are ourselves, don’t forget to treat them.


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