The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all social processes in society, including criminal manifestations. This has a particular impact on organized crime, and the stringent quarantine measures adopted in many countries have dramatically changed the lives of millions of people for the worse. A “bright spot” against this background is the fact that as a result, it would seem that the level of crime began to decrease everywhere.


Sometimes the statistics do not correspond to the facts. Mainly street crime has decreased noticeably. But not everything is what it looks like. Many fairly minor crimes were simply no longer recorded, including due to the loss of police personnel as a result of infections and self-isolation. There are many factors to consider here. Let’s look at the topic in more detail.

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Toronto Pharmacists Sound Alarm


In the Canadian city of Toronto, pharmacy robberies are on the rise. According to local owners, their businesses have become as attractive to criminals as banks during the pandemic. The situation is worsening and is not in favor of ordinary citizens. There are several factors here at once: in one place you can find medicines and money in the cash register. Many thefts occur because of the need for “free” pills.  What’s more, the funds the thieves get from selling the stolen pills go to other crimes. An example would be car theft.


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They are needed to flee the scene of the crime while throwing more potentially dangerous opioids on the street. This all has terrible consequences. Thus, many business owners are thinking about leaving the industry or not entering this market at all. This may seem like a sensible decision, but unfortunately, this dangerous trend is present in many industries. Therefore, it is more correct to adapt and develop options on how to keep yourself and your staff as safe as possible.


What Are The Advantages Of Online Pharmacies Over Physical Ones?


Many people believe that thefts have increased in physical stores, so it is worth moving to the online counterpart. At the same time, if you look at the statistics and the opinion of experts, Internet scammers also do not subside, trying to do everything to hack into the servers of online drug store owners. So let’s take a look at what is the safer option today in terms of running a pharmacy business.

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  • Physical stores


Every customer prefers to come somewhere and look at the product. The same applies to medical products. Moreover, people want to go to such a place and consult a specialist immediately on the spot. This is very convenient. At the same time, unfortunately, no one can eradicate crime from the streets. External factors have worsened the life of the population. Therefore, people make attempts to make money, even in such a low way, which affects the safety of institutions and the preservation of medicines. Robberies have increased because people see certain “opportunities” for such actions. This is especially true of Canada.

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  • Online pharmacies


Today, everyone has a unique opportunity to visit such institutions online. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to go anywhere. Moreover, you can always find out the availability of the product by visiting, for example, Canada Drugs, where you can also see the current price. That’s awesome. On the other hand, no one canceled cyber-security and the constant attempts of fraudsters to hack into pharmacies and customers. The goal, as usual, is to get hold of funds and medicines. But, if in a physical pharmacy there is the option of getting hurt, then on the Internet you will only be downsizing your financial losses. This is a factor to consider.

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Prevention And Management Procedures


Almost everywhere in the world, there is a growing risk of criminal infiltration into the healthcare system, where enormous financial and material resources are directed. That is why for a long time already government agencies and business structures are trying to work together to reduce the number of such cases. In turn, fraudsters and abusers are developing their skills to become more dexterous and circumvent the safeguards that are put in place in pharmacies. This applies to physical stores as well as online structures.


One country after another is now resorting to exemptions that circumvent almost all measures. Both ministries and cities buy medical equipment directly from suppliers. The deals are often done by word of mouth, with no requirement for standard bids and little or no information about the contracts. Measures to reduce red tape in the event of an emergency are provided for in the Procurement Directive, an interstate law that regulates how EU member states must purchase goods and services. Let’s see how this can make a difference.

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We live in a time when people have, as always, unequal social positions. This affects the way they think and behave. The medical field is one of the highest paid, where funds are always available, and what’s more, they are enormous. Therefore, scammers try to think of a way to get hold of them.


Armed robberies have increased in recent months in Canada, as statistics show. The government, as well as businesses, are making attempts to prevent such incidents. You can’t protect yourself or others from what other people have planned. At the same time, it is always possible to improve your safety conditions both in physical stores and online.

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