5 Easy Ways You Can Turn NEET Preparation into Success

With the dream of pursuing medicine, lakhs of students register to appear in NEET each year. The number of seats offered vs the number of candidates registering to take part is astounding. It is only a part of the registered students who get through the test and manage to secure a seat in medical colleges across the country.

Out of the many reasons why students fail to qualify, one is the lack of proper preparation coupled with the right guidance. There are a plethora of strategies to prepare and tips to crack NEET . However, inherently, one needs to ensure to follow the basic tips that are easy and simple to follow. In the long run, these tips must help you sail successfully through the long course of preparation.

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Students try to maintain a safe distance from exams; however, one cannot run away from the hard-hitting truth that exams are an indispensable part of the academic life of students and cannot stay away from them. The bitter-sweet relationship between exams and students is noteworthy. So, we rather accept the fact and start preparation.

Basic Tips that Must be Followed to Crack NEET

Document a timetable

You can never be able to figure out the direction in which you are headed without having a proper timetable. A study planner helps you know if you are proceeding in the right direction with the right pace, as your actions are named and structured. There is a prerequisite to have before you start framing a timetable – a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus. One must have a solid knowledge of it and work accordingly on each step. Ensure to have long-term, medium-term and short-term goals.

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Prepare well-researched notes

In your battle to clear NEET, notes are a significant arsenal. One tends to feel adrift without having concise notes in hand. Notes must be simplified, easy to understand and to the point. This is because at the fag end of NEET preparation, it cannot be expected out of a student to go through the vast syllabus and generate accurate analyses of all concepts. This is why referring to a credible source such as your hand-made notes is of paramount importance. At every stage of your preparation, notes are important, from the inception till the end.


Revision sessions

Your learnings must be reinforced on a timely basis, else all of it can go down the drain. As part of a research, experts revealed that 70% of your learnings could potentially be lost if they are not revisited on a regular basis.

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It is not humanly possible to be able to retain all the information in one go and never have to revisit again to retrieve it.  Especially when in the examination hall, recalling each detail accurately can be daunting if you have not revisited the topics time and again. Build a habit of revising on a daily basis, and then towards the end of the month, all your learnings of the month to be revised. This recap is required to be able to be in a position to answer any question from that topic.

Past year’s papers

One of the most authentic ways of comprehending the exam pattern, typology of questions, is learnt by solving the NEET exam sample paper or question papers from the previous years. They serve as the precursors to the actual exams. Students with regular practice can almost predict the flow of questions that would appear from each chapter in the upcoming test. Go over the papers from the past couple of years and prioritise chapters in accordance.

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Mock tests

If you get a simulation of what exactly NEET would look like, then nothing like it for NEET aspirants; mock tests do exactly that to them. It prepares students to pick up the essence of the actual NEET test through the way it is conducted, the time duration of the test and other such related metrics. Additionally, it also helps one understand their level of preparation amidst the fierce competition that the test has to offer.

These were some points to enlighten you on some preparatory tips to be included. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more.


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