Every year about 18.1 million people are diagnosed with cancer and undergo treatments like chemotherapy. One of the side effects of this treatment is loss of hair. Many patients like to wear a chemo scarf to cover their heads during this treatment.

However, chemo scarves don’t always have to be styled in the same way every day. You need to have a little fun with your accessory and try new styles to keep things fresh. Such scarves are very easy to manipulate, and you can tie them up in many different ways.

Strut with confidence with your headscarf and tie it in different knots every day!

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Don’t let chemotherapy bring down your confidence. While hair loss is very emotional for most patients, you can always opt for stylish head scarves to feel better.

1.     The Long and Twisted

If you want to style a headscarf with your new shrug, then this twisted style is the one you must try. It’s very uncomplicated and takes less than 2 minutes to style. However, the outcome is always flattering and high-fashion!

What you need: A long and rectangular scarf

Steps to follow:

  1. Place the centre of the scarf high up on your forehead
  2. Bring the ends down along your ears to the nape of your neck
  3. Secure the ends together by tying them in a knot
  4. Bring the loose ends all the way up from the sides of your head to the top
  5. Twist these ends and secure them by tucking them into the sides
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You can secure the loose ends with a pin if you like!

2.     The Old School

This style is for all those who love vintage attire, especially Audrey Hepburn. You can style this scarf with a cute dress for a daytime look. This headscarf style not only protects you from the sun but also gives you a timeless classic look.

What you will need: A square-shaped headscarf

Steps to follow:

  1. Take two opposite edges and fold the scarf into a triangle
  2. Place the longest side of the triangle high up on your forehead
  3. Bring the two edges of the scarf down to your chin
  4. Secure them under the chin by tying a square knot
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3.     Rosette Wrap

Most patients going through chemotherapy opt for the rosette wrap as it is easy and a timeless classic. It goes with every outfit and takes less than a minute to tie. If you want an efficient everyday knot, then give this one a shot!

What you will need: A rectangular scarf

Steps to follow:

  1. Place the centre of the scarf on your forehead
  2. Pull the ends towards the back of your head
  3. Secure the ends with a knot
  4. Twist the loose ends
  5. Wrap them around the knot to form a flower-like structure

4.     The Hippie Knot

This style is for people who like dressing up boho-chic. The simple design is easy to fashion and looks great with flowy dresses and skirts!

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What you will need: A square scarf

Steps to follow:

  1. Take the scarf and put it over your forehead without folding it
  2. Tie the two loose ends in a knot behind your head
  3. Move the knot around to one side

This look works well with bright coloured scarves


Don’t let hair loss slow you down. Rock every style with different headscarves and feel confident in your own skin. You can start by getting yourself a single chemo scarf and seeing how it feels before you buy an array of different designs!

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